Should Any Of Us Ever Go To A Chiropractor?

I can live with the calloused and bloody hands. The ruptured blood vessels in my eyes and nose play no damage on my competitive abilities. Not even my skinned and naked shins could dull the hunger I have for heavy weights. But a bent back and a tilted hip can slam a bright red stop sign in the face of my gainz.

I am currently a man recovering from a tragic deadlifting injury. I could have done two things to prevent my decline in health.

  1. I could have forever abandoned heavy lifting. 
  2. I could have noticed the mechanics issue I was suffering from and I could have taken my messed up self to a chiropractor.
Of course I did neither and wound up coming within inches of a wheelchair. I suggest we all learn from my youthful ignorance and go to the chiropractor. However, don't just take my word for it. I had the liberty of interviewing Todd McDougle, CEO at In Chiropractic & Wellness Inc. and official Chiropractor for the American Strongman Association, and he had some kind things to say about Chiropracting.

Both Todd and I at the National Strongman Competition in Denison, Tx

ENDU: Why is chiropracting important for the non-serious athletes like crossfitters, mud runners, powerlifters, etc.
Dr. Todd: with the clear fact that the current evaluation techniques completed in sports medicine for kids beginning at the pediatric offices clear upto the collegiate athlete failing miserably, there are too many people currently playing hard without knowing their present health status. Unfortunately less than 2% of the population sees a Chiropractor for many reasons. The primary reason is great marketing by the hospitals and orthopedic companies professing to have the best interest of the patient. If that were true, then there would be a Chiropractor in nearly every hospital department! As that is an issue, people needs answers and the Chiropractor should be the first stop instead of the last...
ENDU: What makes your method so good when it comes to power athletes?
Dr. Todd: I think one reason my technique work so well, is that the patient doesn't get moved a lot prior to getting an adjustment. Evaluation is done consistently the same way with an algorithm that I've come up with over many years working with professional and amateur level athletes. What's your evaluation is completed then we move into the actual adjusting protocols. With an excess of 80 different combinations of lumbosacral pelvic approaches to correction, there's a lot in my head as I go through the process. Interesting thing about what I do, is that it consistently approach the same way. This actually takes it away from theory and right into science. During the mid to late 90's there was discussion about the stretch receptor hyperactivity and static stretches. At the same time chad coy, a professional level strongman athlete, asked if I could come up with some manner to adjust the athlete without them feeling sprung. As that was the case I had to come up with certain specific methods to reduce the risk of hyper stimulating the structures of the ligaments tendons and muscles bellies themselves. I did this through removal of the long lever stretch techniques that most our practice doctors utilize and created a short burst technique which actually bypasses those areas of concern
ENDU: What should I look for in picking a chiropractor, seeing as how I cant drive 10 hours just for an adjustment.
Dr. Todd:If you want to see a Chiropractor, almost always start with a recommendation from someone else that you know. [The same can be said for a knee surgeon or any other specialty.] Go to the DC who has the best reputation. Make sure that the Chiropractor actually takes x-rays and draws lines on them to explain what your plight may be. [If it is a triage situation, where xrays and exams are unavailable, then your back to the reputation of the provider.] In most cases however, you'll be going to an office where an exam, history, orthopedic tests, etc. are performed around the same time as the xray. Beware of these DCs that want to place you on a year long plan before they've seen what your films even show. [It is typical though to take up to a year to make a significant change, just as it is when you go workout at the gym.] To ask that a patient pay prior to developing a relationship is a warning sign, especially if you haven't even experienced an adjustment from that provider! There are a lot of very conscientious DCs out there, just make sure that they're the ones you find!
ENDU: What can I do at home to help keep me healthy and make your job easier.
Dr. Todd: Proprioceptive / balance treatments aren't just for people who had strokes [CVAs] The insurance company thinks that's the case, but I assure you that it's not true! Balance as we age continues to degrade if not challenged. Forward head posture [FHP] is running rampant! This FHP affects jaw development, brain development, postural deformities throughout the entire spine, and gait cycle deformities! Bosu ball, exercise ball, and wobble [balance] board will help tremendously!
ENDU: What is the craziest story you have from a competition?
Dr. Todd: The most outstanding incident is on testosterone nation. I also have had a situation with a blown ACL that grew back together because I reset the knee at the strongman event. It's anatomy folks!
ENDU: Why can't you live near me and fix my brokeness?
Dr. Todd: I don't know why I don't live down there in Texas with you! We may have to change that soon! LoL!
If you want to thank Dr. Todd McDougle for his insight on chiropracting needs please like his facebook page <link here>

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