CHP #11: How Ironic

Dear beautiful people of Endu. In case you hadn't notice, it is getting colder. And with the cold comes a swarm of men fermenting their facial follicles until a forest emerges from the wastelands. Each hair representing a pubertal struggle against baby-faces and manliness. I, unfortunately, struggle to even produce a mustache that would make a soccer mom feel uncomfortable when I walk near her family. But that doesn't matter, because the primary reason I let my "ironic" facial hair emerge during November is for a great cause.

The MOVEMBER movement was founded to raise awareness (without spending money on lots of pink colored things) for prostate and testicular cancer. Statistically 1 in 6 men will die of prostate cancer in their lifetime. Unfortunately, this fact is lost to the regular population. 1 in 8 women will die of breast cancer in their lifetime. It is extremely important that we strive for a cure against both of these cancers, but why do we neglect one cancer over the other?

I'm calling the men to step up, grow their beards, and raise funds for prostate cancer research. Below is a link to a fundraiser that another organization has founded, and below that link is the official Movember website, and then below that is Nick Offerman doing something funny with his facial hair.

Donation Site
Movember Site

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