CHP #10 - Muscle Blanket

Yesterday morning it was 20 degrees in North Texas. I braved the cold in pants, a sweater, a beanie, and some flannel. Throughout my day I saw a dozen or so individuals strolling through the campus in shorts and t-shirts. These people are either A) impervious to temperature B) too cool to change their wardrobe according to the temperature, or C) had no idea that it would be literally freezing that day.

Whoever ya'll were, thank you for the inspiration to knock out the CHP comic this week. If you look back, you may notice that some of the comics have CHP wearing a beanie during non-beanie weather. You know what I mean. The kind of weather where you sweat just thinking about how unbelievably humid and hot it is around you. Hipster fashion fascinates, and utterly confuses me. O well.

P.s. - this is 10 solid weeks of CHP comics. So yaaaaaayyyyyuuuuugggghhhhh.

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