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So you just got home from a hard day at work and you want to come home and veg out with some ice cream. Or you have a late night of studying and your sweet tooth wants to help you stay up. Or you put the kids to bed and those potato chips are calling your name. Or you go out to eat and they ask the dreaded question: room for dessert? Or you’re driving down the road and see the million places that are making your mouth drool and your stomach growl while your head knows it’ll ruin your diet.

                Admit it, we’ve all been there. So how do we conquer it? Well, oddly enough some of it has to do with your lifestyle and the way your body looks. So we’re going to look at the different cravings we encounter and how to prevent them and overcome them so we can still live life without biting everyone’s heads off but still sticking to diet. But recall my previous article about how to cheat andstill maintain weight.

There are 5 different tastes: sweet, spicy, salty, sour, and bitter. And those tastes, we often crave. Sometimes those cravings are even tied to emotions. And other times, they are an imbalance in your life with what you’re eating or not eating. So, next time you have a craving, figure out why you’re craving it. Don’t just go for the ice cream; instead decide if your body needs some dairy or calcium. Instead of going for the payday, maybe you need some salt or nut fat, etc. 

However, most of the time we allow our emotions to make the decisions.

 I’m challenging you to stop and think and allow your brain to analyze your next food choice that will benefit you and your body. Turn off the tv and stop watching all the yummy commercials. If you’re driving, you can’t really close your eyes, but chew minty gum or drink some water and change your mind set. And the best way to not cheat, don’t keep it in the house because if you crave something and have to get in the car and go to buy something, most of the time you won’t do it.

So let’s begin with the most common taste: sweet. For some it’s cake, yogurt, chocolate, candy, ice cream, fruits, or things of this sort. 

A little bit of sweet helps give you energy, but too much can cause slow metabolism and sluggishness, obesity, diabetes, poor memory, lack of concentration, lethargy, moodiness, overeating, and accelerated aging.

 If you are going to try to cut out sugar and lower your carbs, be aware that these cravings will increase exponentially but decrease over time. This will also be the first thing you crave if you are fasting or eating not enough. However, if you want some sweets use exercise to speed up your metabolism and try to have a good balanced diet. If you have tried low carb and can’t handle it, then do a light amount of sweetness at the end of each meal, but no more.

The key is to live a balanced lifestyle, not excess or miserable. If your body is not in balance and you’re not fueling it with what it needs, how can we be in the right state of mind to serve and show the love of Christ and stay fit to stay healthier longer? Stay sweet women of Endu!

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