Do Advocare Products Have Any Merit To Their Worth?

Great things are great because they propose something better, and when something better is proposed the lesser will fight back. The responsibility of the U.S. government is debated between two passionate groups. Without debate the science community would become stagnant with old information. Differences challenge opposing sides to put their best foot forward in an attempt to prove their bravado. However, in the end it is up to the people to decide whether or not what they’re being told has any merit.

Likewise, in the supplement industry many new companies are born promising us that what they have is better. A barrage of attack follows each company from its very beginning. 
The surviving companies are each chosen by the people through fiscal support.

When I think about supplement companies this way it makes me realize that when a company has been around for 20 years there may be some merit to their worth. Advocare was founded in 1993 with the intention to sell supplements and acquire distributers. You won’t find their products on store shelves because their system of sales is a very peculiar one, but that’s not what this post is about.
For years people have jokingly [but seriously] asked me if Advocare was “Endu approved.” 
I’ve fought the idea of actually talking about this for a while, but it’s finally time to be open and honest with everyone. If you know anything about farming you know that not all eggs a chicken lays will be good ones. The same principle applies to supplement companies; not all products will be good ones. However, there are some eggs which are giant double yoked bundles of deliciousness.

I was asked to try any product of my choosing from the new Advocare performance elite line-up. I thought, “If Drew Brees likes this stuff I can at least give it a try.” My selection was the NightTime Recovery. For a month I would take varying doses to determine what quantity actually worked for me or if it worked at all.

The recommended dose for someone between 170 and 210 pounds is 4 tablets each night. 4 tablets may not sound like a lot, but when they’re each the size of a hot-wheel’s car it can become overwhelming.
Nonetheless I threw them down and enjoyed some rest. The sleep I had each night was amazing. I took 3 pills a night for one week but the deep sleep I got was not as good as the 4 pills. When I upped my quantity to 5 pills a night I felt an even greater improvement in my sleep. However, when the morning hit I would always feel so exhausted. Through trial and error I was able to confirm that their doses are spot on.

To determine whether a supplement has more than a placebo effect the ingredients must be examined. Adding a supplement to a mix does not mean that you will gain any benefit from it. Studies are conducted on what an effective clinical dose is. Without reaching a significant clinical dose the added supplement will not produce the positive effect.

The first two primary ingredients of this product are L-ornithine and L-arginine. Both are similar amino acids that aid in recovery and vasodialation [expanding of blood vessels]. Theoretically these will help the body heal while you sleep. By taking 4 pills I consumed 1600 mg of Arginine and 800 mg L-Ornithine. Some studies would support that the doses provided are of clinical strength.

 Ashwagandha extract also appears in the primary ingredients list. This supplement claims to aid in stress relief and anti-inflammation. Taking 4 pills produces 68 mg of Ashwagandha which is the bare minimum clinical dose for the prescribed effects. It is recommended that between 50 and 100 mg should be taken.

A common ingredient found in health supplements, saw palmetto, is thrown into the mix as well. Saw palmetto is used for cleansing the liver as well as helping with smooth muscle [intestinal] health. Only 132 mg are provided per serving. Some studies suggest that around 300 mg is needed to receive the benefits. Saw palmetto may not be provided in a high enough quantity.

 Niacin, Magnesium,and Zinc are the main calming ingredients thrown into the mix. All three ingredients promote central nervous system “buffering” characteristics. This greatly helps us when we’re laying in bed after a long day wondering why we can’t fall asleep even though we just blew up the gym. The provided magnesium is spot on, giving roughly 1mg per pound of body. The other ingredients are on the light side, however in conjunction with the magnesium there effects should be emphasized.

I can’t promise you that NightTime Recovery will do everything that it’s included ingredients may promise. However, I can promise that this bottle will knock you out at night [in a good way] and help you feel more recovered in the morning. 

NightTime Recovery gets the endu-approval.

If you are interested in getting your hands on some NightTime Recovery you may email WAYNE SCHIELDS below
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