Your Chance To Be An Endu Strength Missionary

The journey of a drop of sweat can result in the most vigorous of people lying flat on their backs gasping for air. For some people sweat pours out over excitement, and for others it only comes from back breaking labor. There are clades of people that believe a workout is done when their sweat drenched shirts start dribbling perspiration onto the ground.

Back in the 70’s there was basically one popular option for achieving sweaty success, and that was a long bland run. Today, new fitness crazes are offering more ways for the average person to earn their sweat angels. The sports of fitness range from crossfit to obstacle runs like the Reebok Spartan Race. Not to be left in the dark, the media has hopped on the fan wagon and is now showing these competitions on TV.

Rich Froning is the first two time Champion of Crossfit. As he competes he puts little effort into hiding his giant Galatians 6:14 tattoo. With every clean and kettlebell toss the world gets to stare at the “fittest” man on earth and his giant testament to God.

Not to be left out the nation’s most popular obstacle race, the Reebok Spartan Race, will soon be aired on national TV the 21st of September. NBC will be following several racers as they compete for the glorious victory of sweat drenched exhaustion. But you don’t have to let the world watch you reach exhaustion to make it on TV. The Spartan race is also giving Spartan participants the opportunity to share how getting in shape for the races has changed their lives [click here to find out more].

If you’re in the constant pursuit of sweat saturated challenges the Reebok Spartan Race may sound like something you would be interested in. We here at Endu want everyone to have the opportunity to work hard, especially when it can impact the witness of Christ. So, we decided to sponsor an athlete in the 2013-2014 Reebok Spartan Race season. That’s right. 

We are choosing one of our clansman [or clanswoman] to go to his or her race of choice on us. If you didn’t know, that could amount to a free 80 dollar race.

Crossfit has Froning to blatantly share the gospel. But who will be there to show the masses about Christ at the Reebok Spartan Race? I want to answer this question with affirmative action. I’m providing the means; I just need the man/woman.

If you are at all remotely interested in being a “sponsored” Endu athlete at a Reebok Spartan Race then listen up. Although the site gets viewed plenty of times the actual community within it is barren. My goal is to build community on the site, and then send a “Strength Missionary” out into the world to share Christ in their competitions. I am asking my interested readers to do one of three things [or all of them if you fancy.]

  1. Please begin commenting on posts. Even if you only write down “LOL” it’s a start. And that simple “LOL” could win you a free 80 dollar race pass. If you post anonymously I will be unable to contact you for your prize, but the effort will be much appreciated.
  2. Please begin commenting, liking, and sharing on the Endu Facebook page. Facebook Like pages work like an ad agency. If I post a status only 10% of my viewers will be showed it unless people comment, like, and share the heck out of it. To get more than 10% of my viewers to see the post I have to pay the facebook executives and unfortunately Endu is completely free. I don’t even let my website have those sidebar ads. So if you could, spot a brother please.
  3. Please send me some emails. My Endunamoox@gmail account gets really lonely sometimes. I’ll take anything from questions to simple conversations. This site was founded because I kept getting asked questions, but all of the fitness websites on the interwebz were supersaturated with vulgarity. Community will keep Endu strong.
Thank you insertimg.com for making great Christian comics and for letting me borrow one

If you do any or all three of those things your name will be entered into our drawing for the 80 dollar Reebok Spartan Race pass. Let me help you help me help you. I know that a lot of the Endu community is up for the challenge, now I just need you to prove it to me.

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