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You just found out you’re pregnant? That doesn’t mean you have to throw working out through the window. You just had a baby and have no time but want to get back to the old you? There’s a solution for that. Pregnant and new moms are doing CrossFit with great results! It spurred my interest when one of our good friends started doing CrossFit and toned up all her post-baby weight. Was it easy? No, and she made that extremely clear. Was it worth it though? She definitely thinks so! There are testimonials everywhere, but can it work for you?

CrossFit, in case you aren’t aware is a strength and conditioning workout that uses interval training, weight lifting, and functional movements. It becomes about a competition between you and the other people you’re trying to get through the workout with. CrossFit isn’t about dropping weight but getting stronger and faster. And from that, you often will drop size. Plus, this is a huge accountability exercise because you get out of it what you put into it. So why do CrossFit programs report a huge women clientele that are often moms? Because other people they can relate to are in it too.

It’s the sense of community, support, competition. Plus, post-pregnancy is extremely hard on your abdominals. CrossFit helps to re-strengthen everything.

            With that being said, moms are now embracing their natural strength and proving that femininity doesn’t have to be curve-less skinny models who can’t do a push-up or mama-bear tough. This had led to the CrossFit Moms movement, and with CrossFit being so huge in Texas, I can see this one taking off too.

            This new CrossFit Moms has workouts that are specifically and specially designed for pregnant women of all fitness levels. This way, if pregnant, the woman stays strong, doesn’t have the usual aches and pains of pregnancy, and are healthy. This, in turn, makes the baby healthier. 

These women are also mentally strong and have great endurance, which everyone knows will help during labor, delivery, and recovery. 

The top 3 exercises of this prenatal CrossFit workout would include things like squatting, weightlifting, and core-strengthening exercises such as overhead squats, plank holds, push-ups, toes to bar, and knees to elbow will keep the whole body strong and prepare for labor and delivery.

            This is great for moms-to-be or if you’re a new mom because you don’t have to be an elite athlete, an old athlete, or someone who is usually very active. CrossFit, and other workout regimens, can be modified or scaled down to the needs of every individual. 

Even if you are in the middle of your pregnancy, it is never too late.

            The great thing about this program and being fit and healthy in general puts an emphasis on family.

 If moms start early, their baby will be healthy and can grow up being healthy with the moms help if she continues to put an emphasis on health and fitness, which I think we all should do.

            In no way am I telling you to all go run out and do CrossFit. If pregnant, I would highly suggest talking to your doctor, because everyone is different. But I would advise to stay active, with your doctor’s blessings and guidelines. Look around and see the wonderful new culture we live in that allows pregnant and new-moms to have accountability, health, fitness, and a chance to influence our next generation. Keep up the hard work moms. We at Endu support you!

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