A Long Time In The Making: Spear & Spoon

Just like with my regular posts, what I'm about to do is free to the world. Anyone that has a computer and access to wifi will be able to catch the informational downpour that I'm releasing. My close friends have been hearing my verbally-vomit about this release for a while now, my closest friends have been getting drenched by said verbal-vomit (*Disgusting)

There are multiple paths that you can take, which will all lead you to the download link of the book. The first download link can be found at the top right of the page, it says Free Endu E-Books. Another route is to click on the spear and spoon book picture at the top of the website. A third option is to follow this link to DoYouEndu where a download link will be available. A final option is to just jump aboard this link and arrive at the book itself!

I don't care how you do it, I just want you to find a way to put your nose to the screen and read my E-book. Any comments or questions would be much appreciated!

O Yes, and if you just so happen to love this book you can support my mission by BUYING A SHIRT or by helping me build up the sites community. If your wallet has more dust than money (I know how that feels) then you just need to start sharing, tweeting, liking, and commenting on posts. I know there are at least 2 different people reading this blog (over 1150 ppl like it on facebook, which is more than 2), so please talk to each other!

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