WWW: Women Wont Waver

I admire women so much because they are the nutritionists for their family and friends. I say this because in most families, the woman is the one that buys the groceries, budgets, and cooks for the family. And it amazes me how true and strict women stay to their diets and their family’s diet. So in order to continue to motivate you to stay strong (or to motivate you to start because others are staying strong), I present this for you!

            Women are so much stronger than a lot of people give them credit for. Women, go ahead and pat yourself on the back. Men, thank a woman for all she does for you. Luckily for me, my fiancé helps me do the grocery shopping as we split grocery costs, and we alternate cooking. However, I have to brag because he really steps up and cooks and does dishes when he needs to or wants to. He truly is a servant-hearted man of God. However, that’s not the point of this article… Women usually cook for their husband, kids, parents, friends, gatherings, parties, etc. It is so easy sometimes to give in and let the kids have frozen dinners packed my ingredients you cannot pronounce or go through some drive-thru and get whatever is fast and easy but maybe not the best for you. Then, you succumb to eating their leftovers and if you cave once, it continues. So how do we as women overcome and break this cycle??? Well, let’s look at other women who are paving the path. Since me and my fiancé stick to the paleo diet and plan to for some time until new research comes out, I will use websites, recipes, and examples from this. And first of all, I challenge you to use your smart phones or internet or friends to get good healthy recipes. Trust me, they are EVERYWHERE! Don’t believe me? Go to a Pinterest… Anyways, here we go….

I’m going to start with kids because they’re the hardest to keep on a diet that’s affordable and good enough that they’ll eat but still getting some nutritional value. They can still have all the good stuff: brownies, cake, pancake, etc. However, it’s a healthier and more natural alternative. This is actually a great way to transition them into paleo, by providing them with “normal” foods just different ingredients and begin to sneak some fruits and veggies in there.

Everyone talks about how expensive paleo and natural eating is. However, think about all the times you go out to eat or drive through or things of this sort. Trust me, it’s cheaper than all the junk you consume. Plus, grow your own veggies and fruits. Most people don’t live in the country but that’s no excuse. My fiancé grows herbs and veggies in his dorm room. That’s right. And those are SMALLLL. Also, find a farmer’s market. Lots of home grown produce for cheap. Plus, buy in bulk. We buy huge brisket for $1.50 a pound instead of the small brisket for $5 a pound. And then use your freezer for the extras. Another side note is to skip on the organic foods. They’re more expensive and don’t provide many more nutrients. ReadDrew’s old article on that. Lastly, if you are really in, you can go in on a cow share. That’s right… Buy part of a cow!!!! Super cool and expensive but in the grand scheme it’s cheaper.

      Then, you ask, what about my friends? How can you have a Christmas party or girls night while eating paleo? Trust me, you can do it. Make healthy and all natural desserts or snacks that you and them can eat. I guarantee if they don’t know it’s “diet food”, they’ll eat it and love it.

      Lastly, it takes too long. I’ll let you in on a secret. If you cook on your off days, for me that’s weekends, you can eat that for the rest of the week. For example, we cook brisket and chicken on the weekends and mix it up and make different things throughout the week from that and our produce. It’s way easier!!!

So, women of Endu, keep being strong, keep doing what you believe in, and be healthy for you and your family and friends!!! Good luck! And know, if me and other strong women can do it, you can too!!!

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