WWW: A Woman's Biggest Fear

            Schwarzenegger”… “I really don’t want to lift weights I just want to tone up my midsection, not get big”… “No, I can’t do that, I don’t want to gain muscle”… “You don’t understand I don’t want to bulk”… “Please don’t make me look like a female Arnold"

                This is a typical echo from girls working out. Ask any guy who has trained a girl or worked out with a girl and I guarantee everyone has said it. Yes, unfortunately I, too, have uttered some similar remark such as these. So, why do we think this way? Is it because we’ve seen women that do and we think it’s awful? Or is it because we want to slim instead of get bigger? You want to look feminine instead of manly? Are you trying to be what society wants you to be? Or is it a weight issue? I don’t really know, but whatever your reason and fear is, I’m here to put your mind to ease and shine a little light on the issue.

                The more I research the more I was surprised to find that women don’t grow muscle easily when compared to men, and even if you’re one of those born and bred athlete women that do, it’s never in the amount that men do. This reason is due to the fact that men have far higher testosterone-levels than we do. Don’t believe me? Go and lift with a guy. They’re off the wall and you can smell their testosterone a mile away, while a woman working out can have all sorts of ranges of emotions. I remember going in one Thursday morning super excited and smiling and left crying. That’s definitely not testosterone leaking out. And to grow huge muscles, you need a huge level of testosterone. This is why some guys are more gifted in the muscle area than others, because they have higher testosterone levels. When you think about it, when God made us, he gave us the perfect balance of estrogen and testosterone to PREVENT us from bulking. He knew that the woman wanted to be needed and feel beautiful and feminine and the guy wanted to feel strong and manly. How could the guy do that if he always had to compete with the same testosterone the woman had? It’s amazing how God has created us! Trust him with your body!

                So how did those women who got those big muscles do it? How do I know I’m not one of them? I don’t want to take that chance!!! Calm down. The next time you see an Arnold Schwarzenegger look-alike and turns out it’s a girl, go talk to them. You’ll mostly find that their faces are structured like guys: they have deeper voices, and more hair than the average woman. Unfortunately, this is a side effect of injecting testosterone and other hormones to get that muscular growth. If there was another way, I’m sure they would’ve chosen it.

When you think about it, testosterone is why men are so much stronger than women. Now, don’t get me wrong, there are some guys I’m stronger than. That doesn’t mean I’m bulking and have more testosterone. That simply means that I bust my tail and have become stronger. Naturally, I wouldn’t be. That’s what hard work gets you, not bulk, but definition and strength. And let me tell you ladies, that’s attractive!!! But if working out with guys who are weaker than you makes you insecure, I don’t blame you. You’ve worked hard for your strength and you deserve to bask in that. Find guys who are stronger than you. That’ll humble you real fast. I work out with Drew [endu] quite a bit and when I improve, he improves. There’s no catching that kid. Place yourself in healthy situations and enjoy what you’ve worked so hard for. And if you’re STILL worried, then lift with lighter weights for more reps.

So now that the myth busters have come and shined truth on the matter, go out with no fear and lift some weights. It’s good for you! Don’t believe me? Read my previous article. Go allow yourself and your body to enjoy the benefits with no regard to what you used to think was true. Ladies of endu, go lift something heavy and be free!

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