A Piece of History In The Making

I have been digging in the trenches the past few weeks with a key board shovel. As many of you have noticed, I decided to write an e-book over diet and nutrition. This is not your average diet and nutrition book though, because I took what should have been 300 pages of material and then condensed it into 30 +. Many writers need to add filler between the important points to make a book worth its price tag; however, my price tag has a big 'ol free sign on it. And I promise that it's not all science and statistics. So, here I present a tid-bit for your mental taste buds; I hope you're hungry. -Endu

It is commonly known among strength coaches that you don’t train a powerlifter like you train a tennis player. Likewise, an accountant wouldn’t advise someone who is grossly in debt like they would a millionaire. Nonetheless, many coaches try and build their nutrition plans alike; this is a fatal flaw in the strength and conditioning community. Too many coaches have blinders on when it comes to fueling an athlete, and that includes your crossfit coaches too. So here is my disclaimer: if you are out of shape and looking to get healthy this diet is ideal for you; if you are a glycogen based athlete (football, basketball, baseball, etc.) then this diet is not going to be easy for you, but it may prove beneficial.; if you run marathons all day every day then I promise you won’t do well with this diet.

Before anyone considers doing a Paleo and CBL diet he/she should analyze whether or not it will hinder any goals. If a high caliber football player tries to do this diet during the season, then his performance may suffer. However, if a non active average American wants to do this diet he/she will see nothing but healthy results. If you want to be the best crossfitter in the world, then doing this diet will boost your anaerobic training but hinder your aerobic training at first. If your soul desire is to be a record breaking powerlifter then this diet is made for you and your anaerobic lifestyle. There are hundreds of variables that will dictate whether or not this diet combination will benefit you. This is why you need to read through this book and use deductive reasoning to decide if this is for you. In deductive reasoning you take two true premises and create a correct hypothesis. For example, “Jesus Christ is God,” and “God loves you,” therefore “Jesus loves you.” Throughout this book I’m going to challenge you to use deductive reasoning to decide what you want to do for your body and for your health.

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