WWW: Roll With The Goal

Where are you at right now? Think about this question. Some of you are working on running your first 5K, others faithfully participating in cross fit, others olylift, and some are still sitting on the couch waiting for their workout mentality to kick in. We were made to move. But then the next question… the big one! Where do I begin…? I honestly hate this place. It is the worst. It’s really easy to get unmotivated right here before we even start and then never do. So let’s break that cycle together right here right now. Why do you want to work out? Lose weight? Get in shape? Run a 5K? Lift more at a meet? Feel better? Get healthier? Whatever it is, TODAY IS THE DAY!!! The worst thing about girls is we always have an excuse: well we’ll start on Sunday since it’s the first of the week… no, Monday because Sunday we go out after church… not Monday because I have a dinner date… not Tuesday because we’re having treats at work… whelp, back to Sunday! No!!!! TODAY!!!

My goal right now is to get in to better shape for my wedding day: December 21st to Mr. Endu man himself! I’m a little too excited! However, that’s a long way to go! So, I am not over doing it or stressing or killing myself. I’m attempting to change eating habits and work out a few times a week. Nothing major. I fail all the time but that doesn’t mean my goal goes away. Even better, then I can correct myself tomorrow! It’s kind of like our Christian walks. I fail and sin every day but that doesn’t keep me from being a Christian. We have grace and forgiveness to cover that.

So how do we do this? Let’s help each other!! The big acronym used to set goals is the SMART method: specific, measurable, attainable, relevant, and time-bound. For example, don’t say you want to lose weight, say you want to lose 3 lbs every week. Your goals will be different than mine. However, I encourage you to think hard because if it’s something you want to half do, you probably won’t put forth the effort, commitment, and pain. And if it’s far in the future like mine, make long and short term goals. For example, say you have an important date (wedding, graduation, prom, summer vacation, birthday, spring break, etc.) and you want to lose 30 pounds. It’s really easy to put it off; so make short term goals to get you there and keep you on track!!!

Also, I challenge you to write them down. It becomes a lot more real when you see it on paper and have to see it every day in the mirror, refrigerator, car, etc. And lastly, pick a start date and stick to it. Measure yourself, chart body fat percentage, weigh, pick the date, plan your work out strategy, and no matter what comes up, stick to it. We can do this guys! Don’t wait. Your tomorrow can start today! Go write out your goals and go Endu! See ya out there! 

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