WWW: The Peter Pan Approach

Let’s not kid ourselves… working out sometimes can become a job, a hassle, a to-do list. But I am proposing that this week, we bring back the Peter Pan approach. Let me explain: the Peter Pan approach is having a child-like mind full of fun and wonderment, never wanting to grow up into the mundane, boring, scheduled world which adults become caught up in as they coast through life. Statistics show that this change of mind and heart occur after graduating from college or high school, and that it usually occurs in girls first. I think this is because we are nurturers and always have so much to worry about and care for that our lives and minds become over-flowing with things to do and we lose the Peter Pan approach. We don’t look at clouds and see shapes; we see what clothes and accessories we need to pack. We don’t see the pretty “flowers” in the yard; we see the true weeds they are and that they need to be mowed.

I had the privilege of going to Carolina Creek Christian Camp this past week with the greatest middle school kids ever. They fearlessly helped me participate in things I thought would kill me and constantly kept me moving. At the end of the day I was sore and tired. After a great sermon on how we need to stop coasting through life on neutral and living an average life, my curiosity spiked. Our God calls us to a life of awesome with childlike-faith. He says it three different times in Scripture: Luke 18:17, Mark 10:15, and Matthew 18:3. Just like the kids trusted the wires and ropes to hold them up on the zip lines and power poles, I was looking and judging all that could go wrong and if I weighed too much to participate. (However, they reassured us telling us that it could hold a bear; to which I asked stuffed or real???)

 But back to the real reason for this article: what would happen if we used this Peter Pan approach in not just our daily lives but our workouts? We get so wrapped up in weight and PRs and goals. Where did the pure and innocent joy and fun go? And if you’re getting bored in your workout, go outside and play with your kids, nieces, nephews, friends, etc. Sometimes the best workouts are the most fun. Just go ask any new mom and she will tell you how much she’s on her feet or chasing her little one around. For example: jump rope, hula hoop, riding bikes, tag, relay teams, scavenger hunts, kickball, soccer, basketball, baseball, capture the flag, roller-skate, dance, take your dog for a walk or play with them, swimming, hopscotch, hide-and-seek, run through the sprinklers, wheel-barrow races, rock climbing, tree climbing, etc. Go to a park and push people on the merry-go-round, climb on the jungle gym, and swing from the monkey bars. I hate to throw this idea out there but if you have people who hate getting vitamin D from the sun, then play some Wii or x-box 360 games that require you to move like tennis, boxing, dancing, etc. You’ll be surprised how much you sweat when you just get moving, and you won’t realize you’re tired because you’re having too much fun! Allow the wonderment and fun to come back into your life. Obviously, if you’re training for things or trying to make weight you still need to watch what you eat and have structured work-outs, but give yourself a break every now and then and go endu the fun way!

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