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The fitness industry is growing and growing, and ironically women are the ones keeping it alive. The two main parts of this industry are fitness centers, or gyms, and weight loss solutions such as clinics. The majority of the people who are on diets or workouts happen to be women. In fact, the women’s health and fitness industry has experienced steady and continuous growth over the past 20 years. Women have even been granted more career opportunities in a variety of concentrations involving the fitness world.

            Most people overlook women in the fitness industry because they are there to look good or give guys something to look at (which I frankly think is irritating). To give you a quick history lesson, Jacki Sorenson offered some of the first dance-aerobic classes in the country in the ‘70s. Think also about Jane Fonda in ’82 when she made her first fitness video. Judi Shepherd Missett started Jazzercise in ’69, and Gin Miller launched step training about 20 years later. Women have been a huge part of the fitness industry and helped shape work outs to help women directly achieve what they want.

Sadly, though, women are still depicted in a stereotypical way. Women are “models”, “eye candy”, and not taken seriously. However, there is a clear distinction between women in the fitness industry who are professionals and models. (I would advise, though, if you want to be taken seriously, don’t wear revealing clothing and bust your tail in the gym.)

Surprisingly, in today’s world, 75% of the personal trainers, fitness instructors, program directors, and business owners are women!!! Women even are a big part of designing a lot of the smaller, more versatile pieces of equipment. They also create programs for every sort of woman such as Pilates, Stroller Strides, MELT, Zumba, etc. However, some parts of the industry are still dominated by women such as equipment manufacturing, buyers, suppliers, and club owners. This leads many to believe that the fitness industry is a female-predominant industry led by men.

Luckily, though, it’s a lot easier for women today to be taken seriously as an athlete or a career woman in the fitness field. In fact, people actually listen to women and get their advice on a lot of issues. This may be because women are awesome role models for other women by having great health, vitality, and aging in this industry with grace and vigor. Women also have more apathy, compassion, and sensitivity to those who are making positive and life changing behaviors and meeting challenges. Plus, they help each other with weight and body issues and know a lot about mind-body fitness which is growing more popular. They give new energy, creativity, and artistic means to fitness as well to keep things new, fun, and adventurous.

The great part about being a woman in this industry is that there are plenty of other women coming around. Therefore, this industry will appeal more and more to you particularly. Plus, you’ll never be in need of a work out buddy or a spot. So whether you just want to get healthy, want to lean up, bulk up, lose some baby weight, or train for something, there are plenty of women around keeping the industry alive. Go find someone and go Endu together and make women proud everywhere because we are the future!


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