MM XII: Building Roads

Once upon a time there was a blogger who spent countless hours writing. All of his writings were displayed for free so that the world could learn from what he studied. And now, he has created a masterpiece. But this masterpiece is only available to those who subscribe via email. Make the masterpiece available for you, and subscribe via email.

If you’ve looked at your facebook profile in the past week or two you may have noticed something. You may have noticed the differences between people; differences in their actions, opinions, mannerisms, and appearances. You also might have noticed the hostility displayed between these people. Disunity is being pushed between the bonds of friends and family like an axe through chopping wood; effectively sending both parties in opposite directions, and broken.

A study is currently being done on the efficiency of teamwork and fairness. It is suggested that when a team member is treated unfairly the entire team becomes less productive. To counter this, team members must reach out and sincerely work with their teammates. I know that when I compete or even train I perform better when I have a team looking out for me. I’ve also found that I can perform at my best when I get to help someone else out. I took gold for my division and weight class at the Texas A&M meet even though I had spent a great deal of time coaching newbie lifters. In many instances God has made it so that we have to think less of ourselves, our goals, and our opinions to be able to actually achieve anything. You can appreciate a beautiful sunrise cutting over a hill best when you are at the bottom with no pride or distractions.

Everyone is different, and God has not tried to hide that from us. Sure some people place differences on an alter and sacrifice hate; but not everyone has to follow their beaten path. I want to carry stones and lay my own path this week; not building a dirt path, but a real road. I hope that others will carry stones with me and build this road. This road will be special, but it won’t be exclusive; anyone can use the road. And this road will not lead to a valley of hatred, but rather to a mountain of Love and glory all of which stems from God.

I pray that you don’t let your emotions capture the Holy Ghost and silence it. Be not of this world and walk side by side with all of your different brothers to the mountain which God speaks from; look to the top of the mountain and see the son cutting over the tip, beckoning us to work together rather than against one another. Let’s find a teammate to improve, and be improved by.

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