MM XI: The Comeback

It has been quite some time since I sat behind my computer and let the Spirit pour over the key board. I could grab my excuse shovel and pile heaps of why I have been absent onto your computer screen, or I could start writing better then ever before and start posting regularly again: I chose option B. Now I have noticed that Endu’s popularity has literally dropped back down to the original 12 fit-sciples it originally had. I’m completely okay with that, because as long as one person is reading my posts I will continue to post. It’s not for me, although I do enjoy doing it, it’s for anyone who needs help figuring something out. It’s free for a reason and I don’t sell ad space along the sides for a reason; all of this is comes about because God has blessed me and called me to minister and to help anyone who wants to succeed. So this is officially my comeback to Endu.

Perhaps you’ve fallen off of the work horse wagon also, and you don’t know how to get back on. In most cases people want someone to paint them a homecoming rally sign before they even think about the gym. In the most important, soul shaking, mind braking, breath taking comeback in human history not one person was cheering. Remember that man-GOD Jesus Christ person? Of course you do. When he was laid into a tomb all of his family and supporters abandoned him; no one was standing outside his tomb with pom poms chanting “Jesus Jesus He’s our man, we know that He can rise again!” Nevertheless, three days later he appears to hundreds like, “what did you expect, I told you I was coming back?

So if Jesus Christ himself didn’t have cheerleaders behind him clapping their hands then why would you? Make this the moment you decide to have a comeback. God will bless your efforts in some way, form, or fashion.  So once again I just want to apologize to those faithful 12 fit-sciples who never abandoned or forgot about Endu. And to those who will be joining us for future articles I promise a new level of excitement in my writing. This is my comeback, where is yours? God bless, and GO ENDU!

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