MM X: Leveling Up

This past weekend I leveled up like a man. It wasn’t until after I had leveled up that it really struck me. I gnawed on some of my homemade jerky [ya, I make my own jerky] and sat back in my chair, slowly realizing that I was engaged. That’s right Endu Crew, I finally proposed to our Women Writer Wednesday costar. It only took 38 months of dating to reach that point in our life [haha]. I guess you could say it was an endu engagement. But today’s motivation Monday has nothing to do with engagements, it only has to do with leveling up.

When we become Christians we have a “level up” moment. Once we receive the Holy Ghost we reach a new stage in our life. We can talk with God, we can produce fruit, and we can witness all across the world. In essence we gain these abilities because we were able to take that next step. As athletes we need to level up.

When you train the most dangerous thing is stagnancy. Being stagnant means that your training life has become like an infected and dead pool of water. Although I don’t expect everyone to try and go 110 miles an hour, we should all strive to be the best that we can at that moment. At some point this week you will have the chancee to level up. You can either stay stagnant and float by the opportunity, or you can get down on one knee take a deep breath, and do what God has called you to do.

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