WWW: You Know You’re A Lifter When…

  1.  You have bruises on your legs and hips from doing hang cleans
  2.   You have bloody knees and shins from doing dead lifts
  3.   You spend more time doing myofascial release and mobility exercises than you spend in your workout
  4. You have more workout clothes than you do nice ones
  5. Usually your vacations are planned around your meets
  6.  You schedule everything around your workout and not vice versa
  7.  Your dry and calloused hands gross people out
  8. People in the gym stop what they’re doing to stare at what you’re doing
  9.   Date nights with your significant other are centered around a workout or recovery
  10.  The talk of the day between you and your friends is your PRs
  11. You talk about the hot girl that squatted to parallel depth and used chalk will be your wife one day
  12.  You think “look goods” (curls, abs, etc.) are light days
  13. You hardly ever run and when you do you joke about how you only run to the bathroom or the squat rack
  14. You spend more money on lifting equipment than you do anything else
  15.  You only read nerdy biology and strength and conditioning books
  16. You have way too much protein powder and supplements and shaker bottles in your house
  17. You’re diet consists of way too much peanut butter and meat
  18.   Going vegan isn’t even an option
  19.   You buy your meet in bulk
    I went shopping
  20.   People legitimately think you’re crazy or weird but somewhat admire you and what you can do
  21.   Skipping a workout isn’t an option and even feels weird
  22. You have a workout plan that makes you want to throw up thinking about it because it sounds so brutal
  23. You know the feeling of finishing a tough workout and being pumped but just wanting to collapse
  24. You have a party on the inside with every PR you get
  25. You’re constantly keeping track of your progresses and failures
  26. Your workouts are specifically designed to help you reach your goals
  27. You wear shirts that most people just really don’t understand
  28. You’ve tried carb back loading and paleo before
  29. You critique other lifters in the gym in your head
  30. You don’t care how you look or that people are watching
  31. You talk to random people in random places about your diet and lifts
  32. You talk about your weight all the time
  33. You know your max weights like you do your phone number
  34. You probably lift on weekends, your birthday, and possibly on holidays or important occasions because you want to or have to
  35.  You steer clear of “machines”
  36. You carry around huge things of water all the time
  37.  People think your butt, calves, hamstrings, or quads are oddly too big and strong
  38.  You are more than likely overweight on the BMI scale due to your ridiculous amount of muscle
  39.  You make what other people think are the most disgusting shakes
  40. You go to great lengths to get all your calories in for the day, including force eating or blending up real food like chicken, kale, spinach, eggs, etc
  41. You eat what society thinks is way too much protein and fat
  42.  You know what day it is by your workout schedule
  43. You plan your trips around your workouts and if there’s a gym and sufficient equipment for you to do what you need to
  44.  You can tell anyone about the thousands of gyms you’ve been to and which is the best
  45.  You often reek of muscle relaxer and icy hot
  46.  You have been asked to leave a gym before for lifting too much
  47.  Everyone at your gym knows you, your routine, and which squat rack is yours
  48. You’ve always dreamed about having your own equipment in your home to have a personal gym
  49. You give people advice on lifting and coach them whether they want it or not
  50. You’re a fan of this page and Endu and rep our gear!

Go out and be an athlete today! Go endu!!

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