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Today’s post is going to be more along the lines of a Monday Motivation blog due to a recent encounter with this so called “slacker swag”. Due to all the chaos of graduating, a car wreck, and knowing that I was about a week and a half away from having surgery, I began to develop slacker swag. You know what I’m talking about, that no motivation attitude that sinks in and urges you to skip today’s workout, but just today. Well, folks, after you skip one, it messes up everything. I have a workout a day for four times a week based on the busyness of my schedule. Therefore, if I miss one, that means added stress to try to fit in that workout you missed. Unfortunately, this can get difficult and you start to think, “Welp, maybe I’ll just forget that workout altogether!” Then, the next thing you know, you realized that it messed up your week schedule so you decide that one week off will be good for you, because, besides, you deserve a nice break after all the hard work you do on a day to day basis. Then, crap! You realize that next week’s workout was affected by the week that you took off, so now what?

            Unfortunately, this slacker swag comes around often and doesn’t go away easily once gotten hold of you. So how do you avoid it? I don’t know how you do but I schedule it. It is important. It is part of your day and is crucial to your day to live a long, healthy life. Therefore, write it in your calendar, set an appointment on your phone, tell those your around to help keep you accountable, stay up a little later, wake up a little earlier, watch TV a little less. Whatever it is that you need to do, do it! But we all get lazy sometimes. So how do you get amped up? Drink coffee, take a pre workout, plan someone to meet you there, force yourself to get up, start stretching and warming up, turn on your loud workout music, watch a motivational video clip, pray for strength and motivation. Get pumped up! But what happens when it gets the best of you and you take a break? Taking a break and missing a work out is not the end of the world, I promise. However, you get back up the next workout day and shake off that swag and hit it hard. Don’t do like me and find excuses to keep putting it off. The rest feels great but the consequences don’t. You lose that feeling of accomplishing something and all the endorphins you produce that make you feel so good. You also don’t get to eat like you do if you had worked out, and if you do, you’re going to gain and notice it in your own personal problem areas. The worst consequence though, is having to start the cycle over. I don’t know how long it takes you but it takes me about a week to two weeks of not doing any physical exercise and then hitting it hard to have to go through that initial post-workout soreness that eventually goes away with routine. That’s not a fun feeling and will prevent you from striving forward.

So do yourself a favor: get up, get motivated, shake off that slacker swag, and go endu!

At first they will ask you why you're doing it, afterwards they will ask you how you did it.

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