WWW: Lifting is for.... GIRLS?!?

This picture has a million like it and all have the same message: women think if they lift they’ll look like a female Arnold Schwarzenegger but if they actually do they’ll be skinny and toned and sexy. Well, I can’t promise that will happen for everyone but let me clear the air… it’s ok to lift and be a girl. In fact, it’s fun and good for you! Don’t go anywhere just yet, hear me out! I am proud to say that I am one in only 21% of females that participate in strength training. Granted I don’t do it every day but I do at least twice a week and love it. In fact, most of the time I prefer it over running… never thought I’d say that!

So, lifting weight can make life easier on you by helping you perform everyday activities. Plus it will maintain strong bones and prevent osteoporosis, which is highly prevalent in women. Strength training decreases risk of diabetes and arthritis and prevent future injuries as well, which is contrary to the belief that lifting injures you, just saying. It also decreases the risk of coronary disease, which is one of the highest killers of women in America. And the one we’ve all been waiting for, it helps you achieve or maintain a healthy weight since muscle burns more fat and calories. Therefore, lifting gives you a slimmer figure due to shredding fat and toning muscle, and who doesn’t want that?!?! Also, forget all the anti-aging remedies, strength training will help you age gracefully and keep things from sagging! Score again! And you know the best ab workout? Squatting! The best inner thigh workout? Wide squatting. The best hamstring workout? Deep squatting. The best butt workout? Squatting. You get my drift? You’re working a lot of areas with one exercise! You’re transforming your body and you don’t even know it! Plus it’s going to take a lot less time than that elliptical, treadmill, and thousands of floor routine abs. trust me, I’ve been there tried that.

But I thought you gained weight when you lifted? Okay, yes you do a little at first but more on the scale than anything. I struggled with that at the beginning. However, keep going because the more muscle you have, the higher metabolism you have, which will in the long run help you to stay leaner. Notice what I said, not skinny, lean. There’s a difference! Plus, active muscle holds on to water and causes a slight weight gain. Also, when you lift as a woman, you feel empowered. Studies even show that it gives us a boost of self esteem and confidence and is extremely valuable if you’re ever a victim of a violent crime. Who needs pepper spray when you have jacked muscles?!?

So how come some people bulk? It’s the amount of muscle-building testosterone. Men have more, obviously, and if you want to get jacked, girls will supplement testosterone. Also, watch the diet. If you lift big and then eat big amounts of crap, you’ll gain lots of crap, and not in the muscle form. However, you’re allowed to cheat a bit. Also, look in to carbbackloading. It works really well with women!
Some more advantages: improved posture and balance, better mood, better stress management and relief, and causes stronger pelvic floor muscles (which helps in pre, during, and post childbirth), and healthier pregnancy all around!
Women assume that they look like this when they lift. THEY DON'T!

Lifting is fun, enjoyable, and easily tailored to you as an individual. It doesn’t matter how much you lift compared to someone else. It’s all about improving you and getting better. Don’t be embarrassed or ashamed to go squat with all the guys around. Trust me, people may be looking at you weird, but some guy around you is saying dang! That’s an athlete right there and that’s my future wife! Or they’ll rant about you to their friends and how impressive it was. If you’re still shy, go with some girl friends or a guy. I go with my boyfriend. He lifts 5 times more than me but I still have fun and try to PR every week. No shame in getting better, no matter what the weight!

So go lift today, you might even impress yourself! Do you endu?

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