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When you run a race, you run it with fervor not with timidness. Scripture even tells us that our spiritual life should be in comparison to a race [1 cor. 9:24]. You don’t run to lose, you run to win. There is a good chance that you’re reading this because you happen to be a conqueror. Why squat 405 pounds when you can squat 410? Why run a 5K when you can a run a muddy,bloody, fire breathing Spartan race? This attitude has sculpted you into the marble statue of an athlete you are. Don’t oppress your inner champion but embrace it in every way, and prepare to race.

Before I force feed you facts, which will probably induce protein synthesis in you muscle fibers, I wanted to point something out. People set goals because we like to overcome. Without a goal we seem to run a little slower, and lift a little lighter. I don’t like that attitude. Just as Christ is my goal at the end of this life, I have other goals that keep my training top notch. I truly believe that everyone should compete in something at least once a year. This forces you to own up to your goals. Everyone was born competitive, only the determined stay that way.

So you may have noticed that I’m suggesting you run a Spartan race? Some of you have already graced your shoes with the mud of this mad dash, I salute you. For those of you who have not attempted the race and are skeptical, I suggest you buckle your helmet because I plan on blowing your mind.

Distance running is going to be an aerobic activity that will primarily pull glucose from the body as a fuel source. The aerobic energy system is the slowest, most efficient energy system. The Spartan race is a multi mile obstacle course that will stop you many times and force you to overcome some challenge. The distance may scream VO2 max taxing, but the obstacles will pinch that off and tell you the real challenge is anaerobic capacity. The anaerobic energy system functions without oxygen and is the fastest resynthesizer of ATP. The primary energy source for the anaerobic system will be our good friend creatine. What makes the Spartan race unique is its potential to incorporate the aerobic system one minute, and then the anaerobic the next. If you’ve taken half as many biology courses as me then you might be confused.

            “But how can that be? These systems function on such different parameters.”

Follow me on this brief lecture and then you can tell all your friends that you’re a scientist. When you’re running between obstacles the body will primarily use the aerobic system. This will drain glucose from the body and muscles in the attempt to produce ATP. When you reach an obstacle you will more than likely stop and wait to attack the monster. As you climb over the obstacle the exertion will force the muscles into an anaerobic environment. Creatine phosphate will then be the main fuel for muscles. This is extra difficult because now the body can’t relax and coast along, it has to “think.” This changes the dynamics of how you should train.

I wrote a program for Erica to do a mudrun one time. Immediately afterwards she told me that the workouts were harder than the race! Now granted she wasn’t running in the Spartan, but that doesn’t mean you can’t prepare smarter for this. If you ever plan on shotgunning some testosterone and trying the Spartan death race then you HAVE to train right. I have compiled a list of things to always stick to when you write your workouts for this thing.
  1. Always perform an explosive exercise, and always perform it first in your workout.
    1. This ensures that your type IIX muscle fibers (the fast ones) will have plenty of energy to fully contract. The better they contract the stronger they can get.
  2. When planning your running days break them up. Each week have a sprint day, where you run as fast as you can for distances, and have a distance day, where you reduce pace and go further. Always perform more sprint days than distance days.
    1. Sprint days can be miles, you just have to try and run these at equal fast paces. For instance if your fastest mile time is 8 minutes, then on sprint day every mile should be at least 8 minutes 30 seconds.
  3. When running break the distances up into 2-3 sets and perform anaerobic activities in between.
    1. Imagine its sprint day and you have 3 miles planned, sounds fun right? Break your running into 3 sets of 1 mile sprints. Between these sets perform some weight bearing exercise. If weights are unavailable I recommend doing 30 quick burpees or ASMAP pushups. Just do anything that will compromise O2 intake and force the anaerobic system to pick up the slack.
  4. Perform pulling movements all the time.
    1. By pulling movements I mean anything from deadlifts to pull ups. It is crucial to work the lats and the shoulder structure. These will come in handy when you are climbing over something or awkwardly diving. Nothing sucks like a tweaked shoulder with a few miles to go.
  5. Lift every week.
    1. I cannot stress this one enough. What will make you stand out from the mud covered monster from the grey lagoon is whether or not you are strong. When I say lift I don’t exactly mean that you should go and do high reps or body build. When I say lift I mean powerlifting or some oly lifting variation. A stronger muscle takes longer to fatigue under anaerobic conditions, we can find evidence of this in research journals across the globe.

Now that you’ve been loaded down with an arsenal of science and training tips its time you set a goal. I highly recommend that you try the challenge of a Spartan obstacle course. Just because I like you, and you finished the article I have a present for you. If you click HERE you will be directed to the Spartan race page where you will receive an automatic discount code of 15%. Sounds pretty cool right, well it gets even better. IF this post becomes my number one viewed article I will send one of you guys to the Spartan race, and I will program your training for the race ALL FOR FREE! To participate you just have to log onto the facebook like page and share the link I post there. No facebook? No problem you can also tweet this you just have to tag me @TeamEndunamoo. No twitter either? You may live under a rock but that’s fine, just share with your friends and email me at endunamoox@gmail.com to be entered into the raffle as well. Now go out there and ENDU! AROO!

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