MM VII: Expect Problems?

Expect problems, and eat them for breakfast. - Montapert

There are two ways that I can break this quote down. One being a blackened view of the world. The quote boldly saying that if  I expect problems then they will hound me from the start of my day to the finish. This could be how some of you see the quote, a dismal approach to an inevitable defeat. Your sword is already pointing towards the ground, what's the point of trying hard anymore. At least you lost the war with no casualties right?

Or you can gaze over this quote like a general gazes over a soon to be victorious battle field. You can expect problems, you just have to eat them for breakfast. Take your problems and conquer them early, and recklessly. Christ did not die so that we would have a spirit of timidness, but that we would bring courage down like pillars of flame. I chose to fight the war, because I know that I will always win. Whether work is tough, school is draining, or my training struggles I will fight. Till the day I day I will spill my heart out with determination.

The question is whether you will join me and all those who fight evil, or continue to fall in the trap of failure. At some point today your spirit will deflate and your sword will drop. Most people will sink the blade tip into the earth, defeated. But a strong few will raise their sword back up, unaffected by the world's bombardments. You can be one of those few, just lift your sword a little higher and eat defeat for breakfast.

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