MM IX: Don't Look Down

Sometimes in life gravity gets a little heavy, and I don't mean because you have a heavy bar on your back. Sometimes our lifts don't go through. Sometimes we get in a car crash right after having an argument with someone we care about. We can shake our fists and hang our heads, or we can accept why this happens.

We are not of this world. Christ told us that if we were of this world then we wouldn't be of Him. Of course we're going to struggle in a place that we don't belong. This illustrates even more the need we have for God. We're aliens trying to spend a few years on a foreign rock. So when life doesn't go the way we imagined our eyes should never leave the sky.

The sky holds our heavenly father, while the floor holds our feet. We walk on the floor, it is the lowest of the low. So why, when life crashes into us do we stare down? We should always look towards the future, and the potential in store! You never stare between your toes when you squat, you look ahead. When you're running a race you don't look straight down, your face your finish line. And that is exactly what we should do with our life, look towards the finish line.

When the earth opens it monstrous mouth and tries to swallow you whole don't look down, but instead look up and reach. God will stretch down and pull you out of the pit of despair. Now arm yourself with God's strength and go and accomplish something this week. Whether it be a new PR on the track, gym, work, life or your mission field. Don't surrender to the world, and don't look down.

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