Ketosis Doesn't Mean Starvation!

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If you haven’t noticed I’m quite the buff when it comes to no carbing. The scientific word for it is ketosis, which translates [very loosely] as no glucose to use so I’ll turn fat into energy. This process is also very costly because everything has to be broken down and converted by the liver. Ketosis is “fun” because you can munch on bacon all day and still have a six pack to brag. I’ve even seen women benefit from the use of daily steaks and no fruit salads [*side note the scale didn’t change but overall body fat was at an all time low]. For a very long time I assumed that the only ideal way to enter ketosis was to avoid carbohydrates and simply gorge on fats. I was only partially correct.

Every time someone works out they begin to flirt with their energy systems. The first and fastest system is the phosphocreatine {PCr} system, which runs on [you guessed it] creatine. The second system is the glycotic system which runs on [you guessed it again!] glucose [body sugar]. Not everyone stays in the PCr system like me. In fact, most trainees will enter the glycotic system, even when their doing some intense presses or even curls. The only common requirement for someone to enter the glycotic system is + 30 seconds of work. If you constantly pull from the glycotic system you will eventually use up all of your glucose. When this occurs your body HAS to convert fats into glucose and ketones. This means that the body will be in ketosis.

The morale of this old fable is that ketosis doesn’t have to be a no carb, stranded on a desert island, miserable at parties, diet. I’m not suggesting you will get the same results as someone who devotes wholly into the ketosis lifestyle, but you can see similar results! The prescription for success is to shake the old wives tale of post workout carb loading. If you can’t fight the early morning carb bug then that’s your choice. However, after slamming plates [or whatever you do to workout] only consume a postworkout protein shake and fat source. “But Mr. Endu”, you ask, “what about the whole insulin spike and stuff that I NEED post workout for protein transportation.” Fret not my comrades, I have your answers right {here}.

Like I said before, don’t expect this to work like I’ve claimed Carb backloading [CBL] to work or even ketosis. This is just like reverse CBL. For a short period of time every day you will benefit from the fat destroying magic that is KETOSIS!

{On A Side Note}
I’ve been getting a lot of emails and questions about everything lately. Being freshly done with a loaded semester of biology [school is fun!] I have all this free time to help people. Don’t think that just because I’m still in school I don’t know what I’m talking about. I’m not the all knowing God. Without bragging I will just say that you can trust what I say. Any questions or disputes? Comment below please, even if you post as anon! This is a community, and 90% of the community happens on facebook! If you want to keep it private my email is endunamoox@gmail.com 

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