Who Do You Workout For?

Being a trainer I can tell you that most people do not workout to get in better shape. I will sit them down and ask them what their goals are. The list always starts with fixing the way something looks, and at the bottom is improving health. In my public gym there is a small cornered area that is surrounded by mirrors. Roughly 70% of all of the males in that gym will be within that area at any one time. I see women walk in wearing more make up than someone at their wedding just to use an elliptical machine. Popular fitness is still absent of actual fitness.

I'm not bashing on anyone who does body building exercises. I will admit that I think elliptical machines are for therapy patients and old people, but that is beside the point. What I'm really saying is that as a nation we are working out for the wrong reasons. Both men and women idolize their temples.

In the old testament, Jews would build great tabernacles where they would hold sacrifices. In these the tabernacle God would reside on a thrown so that he could be close to the sinful people. The outside of these temples would be made with gold and precious gems. From time to time the Jew's would fail and begin worshiping gold and statues. I tell you this because once Christ died on the cross, God began to reside in man. The once golden temple used to house God has now become the human body. Just as the Jew's would fail and worship the temple, man has done the same.

Let's get real. Guys will spend hours doing curls and seconds saying prayers. They will idolize the way their temple looks and neglect the God inside. There was a time in my life were I would wear tight sleeveless tee's to workout in. I would always use the excuse that it was more comfortable, which it was, but I knew it was a problem. Showing off my temple was not being humble or respectful. I knew that I was in shape, and that someone would appreciate that. I was prideful, arrogant and hypocritical. One day in prayer I realized how wrong I was and I tore up all of my sleeveless shirts and threw them away.

I challenge all of the fitness buffs that read this blog to get rid of their sleeveless cloths. On paper it seems like a small challenge, but in person I know it will be a struggle. Pray about it, and if you hear God calling you to be humble follow through. God bless.

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