THORiffic: Training For A Mudrun

I finally got up the nerve to sign up for the THOR (Texoma’s Hellacious Obstacle race). Everyone told me how hard it was and how sore they were the next day, but that crawling and splashing through mud was so fun and worth it. So, not knowing what I was going in to and wanting to do it, I signed up and asked Drew to make me a work out. It was a 5 week workout, seeing as that’s how long it was until the race. I hadn’t been working out because I was super stressed out over all my licensing boards (for dental hygiene) and just didn’t think there was enough time in the day... Boy was I wrong.

Drew started me on a light week to basically just get me back in to the groove of things. Then, the second week started the routine… I’m not going to lie, it was fun, but I was sore and it got brutal real fast. It basically broke down like this:
  • Monday- mile sprints, burpees AMRAP (as many reps as possible), and pushups sets of 3 AMRAP.
  • Tuesday- hang cleans, squats, dumb bell bench, and the row machine for a mile. Wednesday was one of my off days because I literally leave the house at 7 am and get back around 9 pm due to clinicals.
  • Thursday- leisure paced miles, squat jumps, and weighted lunges alternating between small and large steps.
  • Friday or Saturday (depending on when I wanted my off day to be) was mile sprints with leisure miles after= endurance day.
  • Then, if I wanted an extra workout day I’d do circuits, burpees, leisure runs, abs, basketball, softball, or whatever I wanted to do for fun. But due to my crazy major, involvement in church, trying to get some sort of sleep, seeing the boyfriend, and studying, it was hard enough to get the workout for the day in.

However, I want to stop right here and tell you, I don’t care how busy you are... time management is key! Yeah, you may not get to watch as much TV or sleep as much as you would’ve liked, but I didn’t die and I did it. Therefore, so can you! Time used to be my biggest excuse in the book. Ok, off my soap box…
I started out pretty rough and low. Kind of embarrassing but here we go:
Pushups: 4, 7, 8
Minute row: 8 minutes
Burpees AMRAP in 5 min: 46 (6.52 per second)
2 mile sprint: 19:40
1 mile sprint: 10:14  (I’d also like to point out I had strep when I ran this…)
Hang cleans 5x3: 55 lbs
Squats 5x5: 95 lbs
Dumb bell bench 3x12: 15 lb dumbbells
I know… not too hot. I told you. But after 5 weeks… Here’s what happened…
Pushups: 18, 16, 18 --- and these aren’t girl push-ups jack!!!
Minute row: 7:21
Burpees 7 min AMRAP: 65 (6.46 per second) ---- these SUUUUCCCKKK! Also, make sure your form is good the whole 7 minutes or you will severely mess up your hip
2 mile sprint: 19:31
1 mile sprint: 8:55 --- no it’s not an 8 minute mile but I can honestly say this is really good for me…    sorry but it’s true
Hang cleans 3x3: 75 lbs
Squats 5x5: 115 lbs ---- and this is below parallel with correct form. I know, Drew spotted me
Dumb bell bench: 25 lb dumbbells
I know it’s not a ton of improvement but hey! I was pumped!!!!! I think the push-ups were the most impressive for me because I really struggle with upper body strength and have never been able to do legit pushups over like 3. So the fact that I did over 50 was just insane!!!

About the writer: Erica has been an athlete her whole life. A choaches daughter she was playing sports as soon as she could walk. She tripled in Varsity sports in high school with softball, basketball, and volley ball. I've known her for 7 years and I know that what she says is true in her heart. She is a devout Christian who has a passion for her God.

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