Spiritual dieting

When I've been wronged my first instinct is to retaliate, or to get revenge. The secular world wont blame you, they'll just excuse you as being human.The world will say that if a friend hurts you, then you have to somehow hurt them back. Some might call this closure, but that's just a mask for revenge. You can call revenge whatever you want, but it will still be revenge.

As a kid I would get mad when I didn't feel that my sibling was punished after they had wronged me.  I would yell, "That's not fair!" and I was correct. Life just isn't fair, and that's how God has prepared everything  People are going to sin and steal and riot. People will hurt others for personal gain, and take advantage of those who give. People will lie, cheat, and say hurtful things. These people will be undeserving of grace, and then God will show them grace. I am one of these people, you are one of those people, we are all people. Life isn't fair. If it was then we'd all be headed straight to hell.

Even though we're drowning in the sea of grace, we will still try and fell cheated. Perhaps you've heard the saying, "revenge is a dish best served cold." The world is telling us that we should enact revenge disguised as a gift. That we should trick our "enemies" with a cold heart. I propose that revenge is a dish best served void of calories. That we should have nothing invested into revenge, and that we fill up on love. Let love take place of revenge, it's amazing what will happen. God bless.

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