Secrets of the Supplement Industry: Essential Supplements

If your supplement companies spend more money on advertising than product, you’re going to have bad gainz. If you can’t pronounce what’s in your pre workout, you’re going to have bad gainz. If your supplement has 50 ingredients in a 5 gram scoop, you’re going to have bad gainz.

Last week I introduced my secrets of the supplement industries. My experience running a supplement shop, talking with supplement reps and distributors, and knowing a few supplement company founders has pulled the scales from my eyes. I now better know what tricks companies use to make a profit. I also know what is actually backed by peer reviewed science. As promised I bring to you my list of supplement essentials for the active.
  1. Protein – Powdered protein has been shown in countlessstudies to promote desirable benefits. Most studies are conducted on whey protein (derived from milk). However, if you want to avoid milk proteins others are offered (egg, beef, etc). Because it is powdered the digestion process has been “skipped” and you just need to absorb it. Protein post workout increaseamino plasma in the blood, and thus increases protein synthesis.
  2. Fish oil – Fish oil fixes darn near everything. Put it on your car engine and it will gain 100 horse power, fact. As for humans it improves: heart health, bone health, joint health, muscular health, vascular health, organ health, and reduces inflammation. And don’t buy your fishoil from walmart and then just take one pill. You need to consume roughly 3 grams of EPA and DHA a day minimum. That is roughly 10 fish pills from your average container. If I feel sick or get injured I bump my dose up to 6 grams and can feel the response (reduced inflammation) within a day.
  3. Vitamin D3 – To express the greatness of this supplement I need to tell you a story. A while back a swim team had won their event during the Olympics. An opposing team challenged them, due to their vitamin D3 supplementation on enhancing athletic performance. Along with that Vitamin D3 enhances gut health and micronutrient absorption.
  4. Magnesium – This tasty(?) mineral improves testosteronelevels along with muscular growth. More muscle juice plus more muscles equals more strength. It also has a bounty of organ health benefits, and improved insulin shuttling. Feel manly and take Magnesium.
If you are reading this and wondering why I didn't put a multi vitamin up here then I have an article for you [Click Here]. Multi Vitamins are a shot gun approach to a sniper needed problem. If your trying to defeat an enemy do you through a bunch of pebbles at them, or one big rock? [psst, answer is big rock] Current research suggests that synthetic multi vitamins increase cancer risks, and are less absorbed and used than natural ones. Moral of the story, get your micronutrients from whole food sources.
Solid NO 

So the next time you’re browsing your local supplement store and you decide to stick to the basics remember what I’ve said.
  • Protein
  • Fish oil
  • D3
  • Magnesium

I’ve already been getting questions about my “recommended” supplements.
“You know? The ones that you can take and see results, but don’t have too all the time.”
So coming very soon, my recommended supplements list. Prepare to have your brain beefed and your muscles stacked. Until then spend more time with Christ, than with curls.


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    1. I'll be covering those in my recommended supplements. They're not necessary, but I wouldn't tell you not too.

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