Parable of the Water Pump

Imagine a man wondering through the desert, lost. He has bee stranded with no supplies for 3 days now. On the first day he had energy and traveled far, but he sweat a lot and drank no water. On the second day he began to weaken, and he sweat more but drank no water. Now on the third day he must find water or he will surely die. In the distance he see's what looks like an oasis. For there to be an oasis, there must be  spring. He crawls towards the hopeful spring only to find a pump. Beside the pump is a note on parchment, and a glass jar full of water. The note read, "URGENT! DO NOT IGNORE! At the base of the water pump is a nozzle that you will need to open and pour the water down. Every drop of water is necessary. The pump is regulated with a leather gasket, that only works when it has absorbed enough water. Once the gasket is working you will have an unlimited supply of water. before you leave pleas refill the jar for the next person." What do you do?

Just like in our christian life we have to chose faith. What we think is going to keep us alive may in the end kill us. And what seems like craziness at the moment, is actually the most sane thing you can do. So the question is, will you drink the water and keep walking. Or will you have faith for everlasting water?

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