MM VI: Praise & Criticism

“You can’t let praise or criticism get to you. It’s a weakness to get caught up in either one” – John Wooden

It’s so easy to accomplish something and then let the praise of others ring in your ears. It’s even easier to fester on the scolding words of a critic. Everyone loves to hear their name shouted in admiration. Why else would cheer leading be associated at every high school and college football game. Hearing someone lift you up can be motivating! But as we see in popular media, and as Jesus taught, it can also be a poison. Those who are less will become the greatest. No, this does not refer to physical gain, but we can still take notes while we’re here on this rock. Some of the most successful athletes avoid shouting their names to the public. Terrell Owens was not one of those. He was one of the most obnoxious athletes in the country. Everyone thought that he was the best, and would always be the best. Do you know where he is now? He is playing arena football to make a few bucks. He’s been poisoned by the almighty act of self glorification. Never let praise poison what made you good in the first place.

It’s just as dangerous to be caught up in the flood of criticism. Nothing sinks a confident boat faster than fierce waves from the mouth of a critic. Remember Noah? This is the guy obeying a DIRECT command from God, while the whole world scoffed at him. “Old fool,” they would shout as he kept up the Noah. He literally had the whole world mocking. Still, he never stopped and let them defeat him. He built that boat like God had commanded, and he was counted righteous.

This week when you hear someone praise your efforts, thank them, but don’t build a golden statue of yourself in your head. Just remember why they’re praising you, because of how humble you efforts have been. And when someone lashes out on you keep your eyes to the Lord, for He will be your strength. Be strong this week and God bless. PR spiritually, and you will PR physically. 

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