MM: The Traveler

What’s more motivating than a story about overcoming? Maybe a story about sacrifice? Well, for today’s MM we have both bundled together. Prepare to gain an instant 5 lb PR just from reading this.

There was a man who spent his life learning, and working. For now we will call him the Traveler. This man was humble, not looking to excel himself. The Traveler gave up his time for the weak, hungry, poor, sick, and homeless. He would travel just so that he would be able to help the less fortunate. Sometimes he would have dozens of friends helping him out; at other times he would only have a handful. He met many people that wanted to do what he did. However, the more he gave the less everyone else wanted too. He was so genuine that some people decided it was too much work for them.

He didn’t let that discourage him though, and he kept traveling. Of course there was going to be people who didn’t like what he did.

 “Nobody can be this good,” they would say. “Perhaps we can find out his true motives and ridicule him,” They planned.

Yet, through all of their efforts they couldn’t find any malice in the traveler's actions. So he continued using his personal time to help others out. Eventually the mainstream corporations began to lose profit from his generosity. So they planned to remove him. They contacted the authority, with an audacious claim that would put him in prison. Then they chose a weak and corrupt judge, who would do their bidding.

The traveler was captured, and imprisoned. He was ruled guilty and stripped of everything. He was physically abused in prison, and all of his friends abandoned him. Yet he blamed nobody. Then he was sentenced to death, by a corrupt judge ruling a corrupt system. The weight of his death was placed on his back, and he was forced to hoist it towards certain doom. Finally as he was being killed his father, someone who had always been by his side, left him in darkness. When he died everyone realized he didn’t even have his own burial site. He was placed into a borrowed casket and hidden from the world.

The corrupt system, thinking that he was done for, rejoiced in their evil actions. However, after THREE DAYS OF WAITING he came back. Against all odds he came back stronger than ever, victorious.

At some point, perhaps early on, you realized I was talking about the story of Jesus Christ. Nothing motivates me more than hearing of the redemption of sin, and the victory for us all! Don’t take it for granted!

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