MM: Keep Up The Noah

You walk into a gym knowing the daunting task that lay before you. People think you’re crazy for what you do. It doesn’t matter; you’re going to do it anyway. Doing what others call crazy is what made you into the machine you are. You’re not alone. For centuries people have looked at the zealous efforts of others and mocked.

Noah was an old old old old old old man. That was not enough Old’s for how old he truly was. This old man was given a commandment from God, build a boat. We were given a commandment from God also, honor our temples. Noah worked, hammered, sawed, and built a monstrous boat yet he was still mocked. Your friends on the couch may mock you each time you grab your gym bag or down a protein shake. Those on the elliptical may glare at your grunting under hundreds of kilos in a squat rack. That’s fine, because you know that you’re preparing yourself.

A flood may not be coming, but you’d be ready for one if it did. So the next time you sense the oppression of doubters, just smile and keep up the Noah. Work while others mock, and keep up the Noah. 

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