MM: Boston Needs a Spot

This past week our nation has suffered a critical hit on our confidence. Terrorist attacks and explosions have brought a tall nation to its knee. Maybe you know some of the people directly affected by this, and you know that they're scared. You don't blame them, half of this nation is scared right now. Unfortunately that is exactly what the terrorist wanted; they wanted to create a fear epidemic.

Experts say that the style of the weapon used was not meant to kill, but to maim. It grows more and more obvious that these events were meant to physically affect those near it, and emotionally affect the entire nation. Feel motivated yet?

The day after the bombings a campaign went around. This campaign asked runners to wear blue and yellow (colors of the Boston Marathon) and then send in a picture for support. This was an attempt to break the chains of fear, and to help lift Boston back up. Everyone reading this needs to realize that Boston needs a spot. This week is not the week to skip out on bettering yourself. There are people who ran marathons that will never walk again. You are blessed, don't waste that. Don't stand in the shadows this week, step out and give your best. Boston needs a spot, and being citizens of America we need to get behind them. No more fear, no more screaming conspiracy. Nothing but support and honoring your blessing by pushing ahead.

If you can't do it for yourself this week then do it for those that never will again. Show love in the gym not arrogance. Work to get better, not to grab attention. Push for more humility as you work for God, then Boston, and lastly you.

Find some quiet time and pray for those in Boston and west Texas. Never take what you have for granted, because it can easily be taken from you. #PrayForBoston #KeepUpTheNoah

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