In Times Of Disaster

This past week America has seen disaster, upon disaster fall down. Like plagues our nation has been knocked back and forth by tragedy. For those who don't know, terrorist bombed the Boston marathon killing innocent people and changing lives forever. The following day in West Texas a fertilizer factory exploded wiping out a town and killing many people. Stop and pray over this for a moment.

St. Augustine, an early Christian philosopher, said that great disaster occurs so that people can serve. When others are hurting, we as Christians have the ability to be heroes. Unfortunately we also have the opportunity to fall and act our worst. In Katrina we saw looting, now we see conspiracy theories and call for blood. Today's study will be short, but the time spent meditating in prayer should be long. Remember what st. Augustine challenged, that we can be heroes in disasters. Please be Christlike during this time. God bless.

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