Parable of the Donut

Imagine yourself sitting in a doughnut shop sipping some coffee, maybe reading your favorite blog (endunamoomechristoo.com) when a man walks in with a box of ten donuts. For this parable let's just say that the donuts come from a very cool shop that sells amazing doughnuts, but only in sets of ten. 
Without you even asking this stranger sets the doughnuts down at the table, smiles and then begins to walk out. Now imagine that you’re hungry and those donuts look amazing. You pull the box close to yourself and then you begin to scarf them down. Before the man makes it out the door he comes back and simply asks you if he could have one of the donuts back. By now you've already began digesting one and are working on another. These are some of the best donuts that have ever touched your millions of taste buds.

“Um, well I’m still pretty hungry, and I know my family will want some donuts. O and I want some later this week to snack on. Maybe I can trade some donuts for other things and get more stuff. I just don’t know if I have enough to share, you know?”

Now let’s change the story. In this parable change the donuts to money. Change the stranger to God. That’s right, this is about tithing. God willingly gives us everything, and then he asks us to give 10% back to help people grow his kingdom. Just like the man in the parable, we scarf down the donuts and make excuses as to why we just can’t give one of our donuts away. It was God’s in the first place, be thankful and give him your 10%.

On a side note I want everyone to know that the shirts we sell at enduwear.spreadshirt.com are not for personal financial gain. We collect the money and donate it between world vision ministries, and Midwestern state FCA. We spend a very small portion of money on actually advertising for the website. Even more important is that you can gain a shirt that boldly says you stand for Christ in all of your environments. Everywhere is a mission field. If you would like to support our cause please by a shirt, contact us at endunamoox@gmail.com to see how you can donate, or visit world vision ministries and adopt a kid or make a donation.

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