Ode To The Pullers Shin

Dead lifting is a movement founded by the strong at heart. Deadlift can take a small frame and develop it into a monstrous fortress. Real programming has some form of heavy pulling from the floor. Pulls can include anything from deadlifts, to powercleans, to snatch pulls and beyond. Do not ignore the power of deadlift, but embrace it.

Ode to the Pullers Shins
Inside most gyms there is at least one pair of beaten and battered shins being hidden by a pair of long socks. These shins have learned the hard way that the path to a great pull needs to be fed blood. To be strong off the floor, the bar has to be underneath the lifter. The only thing standing in the bars way, are the beaten and bruised shins. These shins cry for mercy at the wake of every pull workout, but they know what must be done. They understand the sacrifice that comes from being stronger than the next guy. These shins are abused more than other shins, but they take these burdens with stature. Scars form as the weight increases, and they know nothing but complete commitment will continue this increase. O the pullers shins will never be pretty, but the body they connect to is now a fortress.

If you deadlift or do any pulls I hope you can look down at your shins and see the scars of PR’s past. Attached to those shins should be meaty formed calves and trunk like quads and hamstrings. So keep the bar close to your shins and feed it some blood, I promise the pay off is extra kilos being slapped on each side.

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