MM: You Are A Worker

If you’re like me you enjoy pushing yourself every chance that you get. You probably read here because you are part of a select few. A few that understand accomplishments never come from apathy, but only from accelerated ambition. Perhaps you’re even one of those lucky few not graced by supreme genetics. Everything you do has to be twice as hard, and twice as effective as the next guy.

Lucky for us the Lord desires a worker who gives all of their might. From day one of exile man was challenged to work hard. God chose people that were underdogs. The less of you will become the greatest, that’s a simple fact. We are workman not ashamed of our calling, our God given abilities, or the effort we have to give. Christ said carry your cross daily, not pull it around in a wagon.

The next time you can step into a gym, recall all of the blessings you have. Don’t go through the motions like everyone else, but gain new talents every workout. A 1 kilo increase is still an increase. If my body is a temple, then it’s a good thing I’m building a fortress.

Effort isn’t everything though, be smart with your efforts. Don’t push a wall that won’t move, train to push a wall that won’t move. Listen to good advice, with strong evidence backing it up. Broscience isn’t your science, you’re smarter than that. Just because it worked for someone does not mean it will work for you. Not everyone who thinks they are a trainer is a trainer. Many false trainers will speak blasphemy; do not adhere to their ways.

Never be a Pharisee when it comes to workouts either. Living by the law of “jo schmos workouts” rather than thinking and doing what works. If you don't see yourself progressing, then it's time to reassess what you're doing.

That being said if I say anything to you that doesn’t have any critical back up, challenge me. I want you to call me out, and see where my logic stems from. I want to know what you’re thinking. Lift something heavy, be the select few. Comment below, or email me at endunamoox@gmail.com

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