Most people reading this compete in some form of sport or activity. Some in traditional sports like football or basketball, and others in new era sports like mud runs or crossfit. Everybody that takes in oxygen is competing in some form though. At work we compete to do the best job, at school we compete for grades, in life we compete to make the best choices. Humans are competitively driven creatures, with an innate desire to be the best.

When it comes to our “competitions,” winning is not the most important goal out there. God has made many men fall and lose to show them his grace and mercy. What God is truly looking for, is persistence and character. In Genesis 32 Israel (at the moment Jacob) wrestles with God, and loses. God was not disappointed in the loss, but proud of Israel in his persistence.

Israel kept his character while continuing his hard work. As athletes compete, we will lose games. This doesn’t mean that God is not for us, but that he is teaching us. In life we may work hard and not get that promotion, but by grace we should continue to work hard. By grace we should hold a smile and continue to praise him. As Christ took the greatest human loss, sin, he praised God and stayed persistent. Be Christlike, have grace with your persistence.

Read Genesis 32, and meditate on its message.

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