5 Favorite Things Heard At A Strongman Comp

Doth thou even deadlift?
I've got plenty of good posts coming, but I really wanted to document and share this one. Roaming around San Antonio's USAPF championships I couldn't help but listen to some peoples ranting and rambling. So here is a collective list of my 5 favorite (or most interesting) things heard by competitor or spectator.

Me - "Are you putting that tac (glue) directly on your skin? No tape?"
Competitor - "Ya bro"
Me - "Isn't that going to take some skin with it?"
Competitor - "That's the point, hahahah lulz"

Afterwards in the bathroom I helped him clean is skinless forearms. Moral of the story, if you're gonna do atlas stones please wear sleeves.

Competitor - "I think this keg is only half full, it feels weird"
Judge - "No it should be fine, you'll get it good then"

Competitor got 1 rep. Most reps in their class was 12. In other words humble lifts are good lifts.

Competitor - "What you're gonna wanna do is hold it in your elbow crease and lean back as far as possible" (when talking about the Conan wheel)

All this did was create a giant awkward spine curve. Let's just say that everyone that did this didn't do so hot, and the guy that was handing out the advice fell over during his lift.

Spectator - "Excuse me sir how much do those big rocks (atlas stones?) weigh"
Brenton - "Which ones are you talking about sir?"
Spectator - "The ones that those guys are lifting?" [points vaguely at both stone areas, which had two different stone weights.]
Brenton - "Uh, well  the stone I lifted weighed about 275 pounds"
Spectator - "O Gosh, nuh-uh, nope." (shaking his head)

Most Competitors - "Ya well back at my gym I was able to do like a 1000 lb stone lift"

Okay not word for word what most guys said, but pretty close. Most of the competition was filled with an athlete talking about his amazing gym feat of strength (some were world records?), immediately followed by getting beat by the quiet guy. Embarrassing as this was it just kept teaching me an important lesson. Humble lifts, are good lifts.

If I didn't paint a good enough picture i'm sorry, I just hope your imagination can keep up with the goofy. See ya'll soon, go lift something.

Luke 9:48b - " For it is the one who is least among you all who is the greatest.""

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