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As some of the readers know a group of us are about to head to A&M to compete at the annual Aggie showdown [USAPL meet] We threw down our last max effort squat session on Monday and compiled some "impressive" weight. When lifting for a meet it is always more important to focus on the total, rather than individual lifts.

This is my 495 double [which hasn't happened in a while due to some knee tendonitis] which went better than expected. Depth was good, and the camera angle exaggerated it. The knowledge aspect on this section of training is that we're not doing a thousand reps. A lot of gym rats will bunker down and do a "heavy" weight for a set of six and expect powerlifter strength. NO SIR. Doubles make you Trouble, i.e. doing sets of two towards the end of a training cycle with over 85% 1RM is going to make you stronger. It's called peaking for strength. Every strength coach knows about the percentages and reps for peaking for strength. If your coach has you doing sets of 5 and he says that you're trying to get as strong as possible, reevaluate your coach [no joke]

This is my bud who is going with me. The camera angle doesn't do his depth justice, he was fine. But the same principle is applied, peaking for strength with decreased reps and >85% 1RM weight. O, and did I mention the 5+ minute rest periods cause those are sweet. 

This post was mainly to show you some solid lifts. Like 95% lift example, 5% explaining peaking for strength. Now you know though. So if you were curious about what percents to use when preparing for a meet, or what a real squat looked like you're welcome. 
-Humble lifters for Christ


  1. Wred

    Lifts look good. What are your goals for this A&M meet?!

    Plz respond

    1. Me personally. I want to squat 525, bench 300, and pull 575. I would like a 1400 total but breaking 1350 will make me one happy camper. I'll be lifting in the raw 90 kg.

  2. can you write about the effects of caffeine on creatine?


    1. Working on that one, will be published tonight. In conjunction I'll be writing about abusing, and overdosing on pre workouts. I have a friend who accidentally overdosed on 1-3-D and caffeine, and is suffering from adrenal weakness and a "caffeine hangover".


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