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I know, I know, there are a million diets floating around. You may be on one right now that you just absolutely love. You may even be seeing results, but that doesn’t make it the diet for you. Now, when I say diet for you I’m referring to a diet that you can eat your whole life. A diet that you can stick to and see a positive influence in your health and physique. If the diet can’t last longer than a year then it’s probably a fad.
Ever heard of paleo perhaps? People that do paleo will talk about it more than a vegan does veggies [I know I’ve fallen victim to that]. Paleo diet is based on the diet of ancestral humans before the commercialization of grains and processed foods, with a main focus on reduced gut inflammations. If you’ve ever been to a crossfit box, or even talked to a crossfitter, you’ve definitely heard of paleo. But what about Carb BackLoading (CBL)?

Carbohydrate Backloading

CBL is defined multiple ways, my favorite is eat crap and get lean. That is basically what you can do on this diet. In essence, you go into a ketogenic state early in the day and train without carbs. Immediately post workout you consume large quantities of protein and High Glycemic carbohydrates(sugars) [a 1-2 ratio of protein to carbs]. You wait for your insulin levels to settle, which should take no less than 1 hour but no more than 3, and then you pig out.


Research has shown that when a sugary substance is consumed post workout it induces a heavy insulin response that drives nutrients into the “neediest” tissue rather than fat deposits. Research also suggests that insulin is a better vasodilator than Arginine, which will lead to faster nutrient transportation. Further research illustrates that when carbohydrates are consumed 3 hours prior to a carbohydrate rich postworkout the nutrients are still driven to the muscles rather than fat deposits.

When You Combine the Two It Makes The Morning Time Epic

If you’re still confused on paleo or keto diet you can follow the links of the highlighted words above, or at the bottom of the page. If that’s too much effort than you can just trust me on this one. Paleo will help you maintain a healthier gut column which in turn will lead to more nutrient absorption. Add that to the fact that you’re eating higher quality stuff and you can throw away your ‘lil vitamin pacs (which I did). You can tell that you’re gut is happy too simply based on quality of bowel movements. All of that aside, my favorite part was the recovery. I did paleo with carbs for a couple of months, and then a half year without carbs and paleo. My recovery was amazing; especially for the damage I was doing to my body. Achy joints stop aching, swelling disappears like magic.

Most Carb Backloading is done with a semi paleo diet [veggies and MEAT] all day. This is followed by an augustus gloop style binge eat. The post 3 hour meal should contain between 200-500 g carbohydrates based on your size. Small person less carbs, big person more carbs. The simple test is to see whether or not you’re super bloated in the morning. If you have water gut, you over did it. Most people who do CBL love their pastries and wouldn't change a thing. If you don't care for paleo I highly recommend eating junk and getting swole. The binge doesn’t have to be non paleo though.

My Advice

I’ve been doing CBL for about two months now. I’ve been doing a paleo style CBL for about one of those months. I’ve had former coaches and friends tell me that I look slimmer, I’ve gained 5 pounds. The first month I ate heaping of ice cream and burgers and whatever I could get my hands on. It was amazing, until the massive quantities of gluten and processed foods messed with my gut. I switched to paleo and everything was fixed. This was not easy though, the temptation of sugary delights dancing in my head.
all i can think is, strongman paleo

How To Paleo CBL the Easy Way

Breakfast always contains BACON. I like to add some grass fed beef and free range eggs, but bacon can get you through the lonely mornings. If you don’t drink coffee, start drinking coffee. You can eat a lunch, but if your training is around noon to 3 I suggest muscling through it. A “fasted” state actually heightens your CNS according to some research (which means ‘mo weight). After your workout go grizzly bear and jack some salmon and honey. Or at least just honey. Whey protein is “technically” paelo and I see no harm in it. Throw down 30-50 g whey and spoon feed yourself a 100 g crabwise of honey. Drink the honey, beeee the honey. Patiently wait before your dinner meal. If you have nothing to do I suggest a good read, try the bible it’s a best seller. At dinner be smart with your choices. French fries are amazing, I mean absolutely amazing. Go and buy a bag of potatoes, cut those bad boys up, and fry them in bacon grease(can be coconut oil too I guess) and eat all of it. Perhaps you’re feeling lazy, buy fries from somewhere that obviously uses real potatoes. Score some sweet greek yogurt and partake. Some say milk can never be paleo, but I disagree. If the milk contains enzymes that come natural with the cow almost anyone can digest it. Eat more honey, that stuff is crazy sticky though. Go to sleep dreaming of how happy you are now that you’ve consumed a day’s worth of carbs in one meal. I also suggest a dab of Vitamin D and some fish oils to aid in inflammation and nutrient absorption.

Now you know. Try the possible life long diet. Below are links to articles going into further detail about certain topics
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