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Today is the Roe V Wade anniversary and there is a lot of heated conversations going on. I and everyone that works on this site are pro life. But more importantly we are very pro after birth as well. Now, when I say pro after birth I'm referring to those several decades a person lives after their first breath. It's the people around us that matter, just as much as that unborn baby. That is easily one of the reasons that I work at one of the local high schools training some of the students.

After School S&C

To catch everyone up on the lingo, S&C stands for Strength And Conditioning. Every week I find myself in a high school weight room, surrounded by a few dozen kids eager to improve themselves. Some are at risk, some are powerlifters, and some just wanna get in shape. Whatever their desire, I'm there to help them out. It's a crazy blessing and opportunity to pour some wisdom, and influence into them. And of course I frequently wear an EndunamooMeChristoo.com Tshirt to spark a conversation. 

Before we started everyone was hoping to pop out some curls, and do a few thousand sit ups. When I mentioned we would be squatting every week I swear one kid packed his back pack and left. It's difficult to keep them on track and motivated, but you have to do what you have to do. Either way those who stay have begun to actually commit to their training. And all it took to gain their attention was to mention breaking a record squat, a former career as a collegiate football player, and a nasty biology ex. phys. double major.

Being able to get some Highschoolers into squatting and being a solid Christian roll model is more than I could have ever asked for right now. Like I said I feel truly blessed being able to help these kids out. As of right now we do compound lifts around 75% of E1RM [estimated 1 rep max]. Usually followed by an accessory lift or super set and then weighted abs. My goal is to interest them in this and then transform them into real men. Is it possible? Well all things are possible with God, so I'll let him guide this path.

I just wanted to say to the whole interwebz that I'm proud to assist OLD HIGH in their goals, and to give these kids a "decent" coach [where did the humble go?].
At least Darrion flexed for the pic

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