I Too Have A Dream

Happy MLK day everyone. Appreciate the dream that Pastor King had. His passion for union and peace was ended by hate and bigotry. He was a man of God, not selfish in his endeavors. He petitioned peacefully for equal rights for all men, as the Bible tells us they should have.

 I have a dream that we keep our kids as clean as we want our athletes.

I want to be a successful powerlifter. Lucky for me I haven't peaked puberty wise. I can't grow a beard, and my mustache is questionable. In fact, I'll probably be going through puberty until my early 30's [hang my head for dramatic effect.] But this is the hormonal process my body will go through, and I'm okay with that.

I'm Not Okay With This Though

Precocious puberty is when a boy girl begin to develop before the ages of 8 or 9. Any development before age 12 can have serious health risks though. It is found to be ten times more likely in girls. It is also has more negative health benefits for girls than for boys. Sad to say it has spiked since the 80's and is still climbing.

Any Ideas?

Dr. Macrina suggested that the precocious puberty is directly correlated with body weight. For puberty to "really kick in" the body must be able to support a reproductive system. The more food the body thinks it will always have, the sooner it is willing to turn on the pubic process.

Another theory is that girls are more likely to suffer from some form of precocious puberty due to our plastic problem. [Will refer to this in a second] The main theory for precocious puberty in boys is the consumption of meat grown on good 'ol American hormones.

Plastic Epidemic

Plastics are estrogen based polymers. When these polymers begin to break down [due to heat or stress] they leech some of the hormones into the surrounding environment. Imagine a water bottle that has sat in your car during the summer. The water is now an estrogen integration system. Now look around you, look at all of your dishes. Chances are they're all plastic, leaking estrogen into your life. This can not only induce precocious puberty in young girls, but also increase risks for andropause [male menopause].

Meanwhile each time a kid gets to eat at a fast food restaurant, chances are he's eating a completely different hormone laden substance. 
Certain steroid hormones are currently approved for use in US livestock to speed lean muscle growth. Both the Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and a joint committee of the Food and Agricultural Organization and World Health Organization (FAO/WHO) deemed residues of these additives in meat safe for consumption. Three of the approved additives are steroid hormones that occur naturally in both cows and humans, and the other three are synthetic variations of growth hormones.
When consumed at high enough quantities, the beef products can affect human development.
Don't forget about the Chickens!

The Dream

Remember the Dream? Because of premature hormone altering, kids are developing faster than they would have naturally. For some kids this means peaking at 16 when they should be at 21. No long term studies have been done on children who grew up eating hormone injected foods, but we can already see accelerated cancer risks. We are waking up slowly to this DOPING problem. If we don't pick up the pace, more kids can fall victim. Why will we bash athletes for Doping [whether or not you believe they should, kids shouldn't] but ignore the dangers of what we feed the next generation. I have a dream that we keep our kids as clean as we want our athletes.

Respect your temple, don't dope.

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