Crossfit, Don't Wash Out

It took me roughly five seconds to twitter search, "Want Crossfit" to find about fifteen other people with this like tweet. Crossfit is whats hot, there is no doubt about it. When I'm back home working at the best supplement shop in the world [no bias] the local crossfit owners come in and talk fitness all the time. Here in the Falls a few of the guys I do Church with are eagerly getting into the crossfit scene. It's an epidemic that will either break and cripple the nation, or give everyone sweet six pacs and a healthy heart.
wants to xfit so bad, uses a turkey

A Scripture For The Crossfitter

1 Corinthians 6:19-20 tells us to honor our temples. Getting in shape and eating healthy is a great start, but if you seriously train like an athlete the next step in honoring your temple is prehab and maintenance [prehab = rehab + pre]. 2 Timothy 4:7 "I have fought the good fight, I have finished the race, I have kept the faith." Obviously the writer of this epistle was not referring to a literal race. During the writing of the New Testament the Greek sports of track and wrestling were very popular among people. By using a race metaphor the writer was able to convey the message of finishing and being persistent  The same should go for honoring your temple. If you're too beat up to workout what is the point of doing it in the first place? 

Let's Just Assume You Want To Walk When You're 50

Picture this, you're past the initial soreness stage that comes with being a new workoutter [person that exercises?]. You feel great, you're losing weight and getting stronger. Then out of no where both your shoulder and your knee seem to dry up and swell at the same time. This is the classic crossfitter story. 


The areas of necessary improvement and maintenance for any crossfitter are the: knee, shoulder, hip, wrist. 

  • Knee: Knee health is dependent on the muscular structure around it. 
    • Crossfit is very Quad [front of leg] dominant and can leave your Hamstring [back of leg] lacking. Performing RDL's at least once a week will return some balance to this. 
    • The popliteal is a ligament that is structured at the back of the knee where a gap forms. It's primary use is for structure and for the locking out of the knee. Constant deep squatting, and using a forward toe stance for torque will create scar tissue. This ligament is not meant to stretch very much and when it does a massive amount of scar tissue forms. To stop this get two tennis balls [or lacrosse balls] and tape them together using athletic tape. place behind the knee towards the gastroch [calf] and apply pressure while rolling the joint back and forth against it. This should break scar tissue and allow for some healing.
  • Shoulder: Shoulder health is dependent on the smaller muscles keeping it stable.
    • Stretch the chest, this is a tip that should be embedded at all crossfit studios. Find your favorite way too and just stretch the chest.
    • Get a real resistance band. Take the band, tuck your elbows, and pull the band apart for sets of 12. Do a set with your palms facing down, and a set with your palms facing up. This small step will slowly strengthen the scapula and rotators used for adduction and abduction.
  • Hip: Hip health is dependent on the length of your hamstring
    • Touch your toes. Do a minimum of 2 minutes a day. It takes 2 minutes to change soft tissue length which is what we want. Try stretching your hamstrings for 2 minutes at a time in three different ranges: toes together, shoulder width apart, as far as they can go.
    • Do this from mobilityWod.com

What If I Just Don't Want To Risk It?

There are two types of crossfit, mainstream and blackbox. Mainstream crossfit is the hypertrophic do a hundred reps until you lose bowel control style. blackbox [also called CFF] is a more power based and max effort style crossfit. If you don't want to do hundreds of powercleans, but are still interested in calling yourself a crossfitter go to http://www.crossfitfootball.com/ or ask your local BOX to offer a CFF class.


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