Competitor In A Month

Competition is the epicenter of the sports world. Competition in sports even has a hierarchy of people participating. You have the athletes putting in the hours preparing. The coaches right there with them guiding and teaching them how to win. The owners and managers supplying the necessities to get the job done. Especially important are the fans who support the team by paying to watch and cheering them on. As a nation we love competition, you can do nothing more than watch and still feel part of the team.

Our goal as a powerlifting team is to compete in the collegiate A&M powerlifting meet. It's one thing to train hard and get strong, it's another to put that effort to the test. Most importantly it's crucial to let people know who you're competing for. As of today I am just a really intense weightlifter that goes to college. As of February 23rd I will be a competitive powerlifter again [3rd USAPL meet]. Most important, like I said, is that I am competing for Christ.

Compete For What Matters

I will get scoffed at by some people who will tell me, "don't you think God has better things to do than make sure you do good at your little meet." Of course God has better things to do, however my GOD is all powerful and can do everything and anything. God willing I smash the weight to stand out, and people ask me about my self. Next thing you know It's a conversation about Christ.

You Mud Run Bro?

You don't have to pop a blood vessel picking up a small elephant to compete. Mud runs are everywhere, giving people a goal. Goals are what guide you to improving yourself. Fitness alone usually is not enough to keep people motivated and moving. So competing adds to the justification of spending a few hours sweating behind a bar or on a treadmill. Find an event, and enter it you will have fun. As I will say for the third time, most crucial is to let everyone know who you're competing for. CHRIST!

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