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I've ranted about different diets plenty of times. Everything from glycogen manipulation for training, to a paleo based keto diet. The only reason I feel that I can talk about and advocate these diets is because I've looked at the science, tested them, and then pulled together my own conclusive data. I'm pulling together what i learned and how it affected me. What worked well and what went horribly wrong. This is a ketogenic breakdown of the past three months.

Super Sweet Science Stuff

What It Took:
Ketosis- when the body is stripped of carbohydrates for so long that the body uses gluconeogenesis to convert fats into ketones via the liver for energy. A high fat diet is used so that the body will prefer fats over proteins for energy. Blood glucose levels are lowered, and free fatty acids in the blood stream increases. To trigger this response the body requires a minimum of 4 calories of fat for every 1 calorie of insulin impacting carbohydrate. An easier rule of thumb is never consume something with more than a 2:1 ratio of grams fat to grams carbs. Avoid any grains or starches. Vegetables should be the majority of carb consumption, small servings of fruit can come post workout where all insulin impact will be in the muscle.
What Good Is it:
By running solely on fat the body is primed for fat oxidation, burning, and therefore will reduce adipose deposits. Because the body is not demanding a constant stream of glucose for fuel you wont have cravings as often. Being hungry less often results in less binge eating. The body is also tricked into a state of fasting which leads to better fat oxidation. This also improves the Central Nervous System's ability to fire and communicate. For a power athlete this is ideal because the body can better recruit muscles. To utilize this consuming creatine like it's going out of style is ideal.
What Bad Is It:
Being glucose free will make it more difficult to perform activities like crossfit or circuit training. The body will  use fat to regulate blood glucose levels but this wont last as long as simply taking in carbs. When initiating glucose, those first 2-5 days without carbs, you will feel sluggish and wore out without doing a thing. It is also much harder to consume enough calories for recovery. The lack of insulin will require more post workout proteins and fats to stimulate plasma amino levels in the blood stream.

Equally Sweet Tricks For Making Keto Work

I may have made this sound like a vacation but believe me, it is far from that. During your first dry carb days anyone with bread will be like satan trying to tempt you [biblical reference to Satan tempting Jesus with food during fast]. To avoid this gut turning scenario eat bacon. Bacon was one of the only foods that no matter how much I ate I never got sick of it. It kept me full, and was loaded with fat.
Put Butter on everything, even if you're like butter does not belong on this. In fact if you're feeling week eat butter, you may salt it if necessary. Steak Steak Steak Steak Steak Steak Steak. Spinach leaves will become your hidden friend. Fibrous veggie carbs don't count as insulin impacting and therefore are free game. Eat spinach like a starving vegan. Back to bacon, eat that stuff like Americans eat french fries. When people look at you offer them bacon, explain why fat is friendly. When possible eat anything free range/grass fed, this will be higher in antioxidants and vitamins. Yes, it's more expensive but you don't need to buy vitamins and you probably wont be spending money on ice cream [you definitely will not spend money on ice cream]. When eating nothing but animal flesh starts to wear on you, and that urge to eat something crunchy appears don't fret. Eat roasted peanuts or almonds. Both have a greater than 2 to 1 gram ratio between carbs and fat [which is the keto ratio]. This trick has saved me time and time again. Meat is awesome but having something crunchy to chew on is appealing. Avocado is not something for every meal. There is plenty of fat, but equal amounts of carbs. Post workout throw down some fruit for vitamins and a small dose of insulin that will drive directly into the muscle. Vitamins and recovery, what a win. I would drink 15 oz of Naked fruit blends [i recommend]

Fight the temptation

When exercising with keto, you might as well man up and go heavy. Lifting with less volume and higher intensity will yield better results. CNS will function better and you're muscles will fire "stronger". Hormone production will go through the roof, if you're a male that is. So lifting big things off the ground will love the hormone juices and CNS shock. A westside method of doing 6 sets of 2 at max effort is out of the question though. You will have the creating to blow up a couple sets, but not the blood glucose to do that over and over again. That is asking too much of your body [I found this out by stubbornly testing that].

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What Results?

Well I didn't turn green and break anymore records if you're curious. What I did do was cut 10 pounds while looking like I gained 5. I had a six pack that stuck out a foot and I haven't done an ab exercise in years. My strength gains were minimal on the squat and deadlift but impressive on the bench. I cannot confirm nor deny that those gains where from the diet or my awesome programming [be humble drew, sorry everyone]. My quads are the size of the biggest tree in your town and they work fabulous. Interesting note though, I got tight extremely fast. My joints and ligaments  went from mobile to practically lock tight. I did reduce my mobility work in certain areas but not enough to see the dramatic loss that i suffered.
Christmas Season folks

Basically I lost weight, felt great, and lifted heavy things. First two sets I was a squatting machine, third set I was an old man hobbling out from under a depleted bar. Do I suggest Keto? Of course I do, but only if you have the mental and physical commitment abilities. If you think that you can't do keto for a week straight, don't waste you time. For the month of December I will be doing Carb Back Loading and I'll post my results soon.

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