It starts with a rant:

Working in the health and nutrition industry leads me to experience all the people searching for the fastest and easiest ways to reach thier goals. I myself have dabbled in many different diet styles I have found scientifically sound. The human biology is a complicated one and is slightly different person to person. Slight adaptations between generations has led to a downgrading of metabolic health. Recent generations have been subject to overly processed and degraded foods since birth. Mothers stop breast feeding as soon as possible and start feeding their babies dehydrated "baby formula." What may be worse than the processed lifestyle 'Mericans grow up in is the diets they use to overcome said obeisty. Everything from highly stimulated diet pills to overly diuretic juices. Cookie diet this, full bar that, and grape fruit juice enemas. The diet/disaster worked for one metabolically gifted individual and now everyone who has sat themselves into a hibernative state thinks it will work. BLASPHEMY says I!

Then leads towards a purpose:

Without re-ranting I'll just say that many diets are fads, but not all. And not all diets that aren't fads work for everyone. Back to biology, there are many differnet ways people can or cannot absorb nutrients and multiple approaches need to be taken.


Now just because some things don't work for everyone doesn't mean that nothing is the same for everyone. Humans are Humans, bottom line. Things that can remain an absolute for people: Protein is needed for new muscle growth, DNA replication, and other vital necessities; FATS are crucial for the immune system and hormone output; Carbohydrates improve recovery and brain function, along with providing steady source energy throughout a day; Vitamins and minerals from veggies are better at being absorbed and improving immunities; water is something to be drank by the liter; Sugar will cause insulin responses that will lead to growth.


When participating in you new years fitness resolution remember the above absolutes. If you find a diet system that says eliminating fats or proteins will help you it's best to avoid these. Use your senses common and you'll acheive your goals.

  • Higher protein for higher gains
  • Plenty of Fats from at least some source
  • Carbohydrates for being athletic and preventing soreness
  • No Diuretics or water loss programs

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