Looking back on yesterdays resolution guidelines I realized that, without any explanation, I said drink lots of water and don't do diuretic diets. I can't just expect everyone to heed my warnings without a second thought. I myself have applied diuretics to lose weight quickly. As stupid as I was, most of the time it was the only way I could have made a weight class. However, thousands of good people will want to drop 5 kilos in a matter of days to make the holiday season seem less dramatic. Let me thouroughly clarify why doing that is roughly 95%* junk [personal statistics*]

In case you can't tell, the pictures are both photoshopped for desired effects, and the guy juices to acheive his cut.

It'll look like:

Most diuretic diets involve highly stimulated diet pills. Most of them contain either some pepper extract, a bean concentrate, or, more commonly, a dandelion component. These things only serve to drive the water out of the body. Since we are composed mostly of water our bodies enjoy storing some for later. The water will sit near the skin or in our intestines waiting to be absorbed. These super special ingredients tell the body that the excess water has to go. Thats how a magical diet pill can make someone lose 3-5 kilos in a week or two.

Another avenue for diuretics are "juice" blends and cleanses. They contain very similar components as the diet pills, but with the addition of fiber and other more "natural" ingredients. An added benefit to the clense is losing some weight from your colon. A junk food diet will stick to your intestines like glue, and add weight in the long run.
this is your colon, on junk food [not even once]

Well then why not?:

although losing 5 kilos without much effort sounds heavinly to most, it's not an ideal scenario. You'll be closer to dehydration and injury. Not to mention the fact that once your excess water and colon debree is gone you'll plateau. The majority of weight lost on diet pills/clenses [for comfot we'll calm them "fatburners"] will be water weight. Only a solid diet can lead to better weight loss. Taking a diet pill will only increase energy and decrease appetite, but at the cost of making you wired.

When is this okay?:

As with everything on this planet moderation saves the day. An athlete who is doing a temporary cut for a competition can substitute Fatburners for starvation and laxatives. Someone who is on a low carb low fat diet [which i don't recommend] will need a CNS stimulator [diet pill] for proper hormone and nerve function. If someone is willing to drink a liter or two of water a day than by all means incorporate fatburners into your regimine. If not though, stay away and just diet smart.

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