S&S: Thanksgiving relapse


This is good advice for any other post splurge apocalypse  but seeing as how Thanksgiving was last week and New Year's resolution's are right around the corner this seems appropriate. Whether you're goal is to lose weight for health reasons, you're cutting for a weight class, or trying to improve sport performance by dieting you probably want to do it as fast as possible. So here is my personal 4 step course course for speed dieting.
Turkey Bacon?

Step one, Insulin control:
To be simple insulin is the hormone that causes the fastest growth. Good growth like muscles, and bad growth like adipose [fat]. If muscle isn't damaged [anabolic post workout] and in need of adaption [growth] than insulin will be less likely to affect that. What will normally happen is that insulin will store adipose. Insulin is most greatly stimulated by sugar. Therefore, avoid sugar for a while. Any drink containing sugar should be out the window. As Americans we are slowly drinking ourselves fat.

Step two, Fat intake:
If you still want to consume carbohydrates than this step is more moderate. If you decide to go ketogenic and banish carbs from your household than this is crucial. To oxidize fat efficiently you need fat. If your body  is running on fat then it will more effectively burn the adipose on your body. If you're eating carbs the majority of your fat source should come from poly and mono saturated fats. roughly 30 % of overall calories should come from fat sources. However, if you are a carb free warrior practically any fat is good fat and over 60% of calories should come from fat sources. Good sources will always be grass fed beef, fish, and nuts.

Step three, Resistance:
Post resistance recovery, i.e. resting after heavy lifting, is the greatest fat oxidation [burning]. By lifting with at least >70% 1RM [one rep max] resistance the body has a hormonal response. If you're a male lifting >80% 1RM has the greatest release of testosterone. This will be 2-6 reps for each set and should not exceed that. The muscle gain will be increased and the fat loss will be spiked while you sit around watching TV. Obviously if you have never lifted heavy this should be a slow and steady progress.

Step four, Intensity:
If you are set on performing some cardio, at least do HIIT [high intensity interval training]. HIIT is done by performing explosive bursts of full out sprinting followed by either rest periods or slow jogging [also called fartlek, laugh with me ha ha]. My favorite method is the fartlek [ha ha], where you sprint 100 meters and then jog 100 meters. It's simple and can easily be done on the local highschool track.


I've spent a good deal of time reading proverbs lately and the verse I want to express is Proverbs 17:17, "A friend loveth at all times, and a brother is born for adversity." The majority of people I hear talk about this verse lift up the first portion, a friend loves at all times. Everyone slaps that part of the verse on a flowery poster, usually with two girls holding hands and happy. I believe this is important but we shouldn't neglect the emphasis placed on family in the second portion. What this verse is really saying, is that friends are good and caring, but a brother who is family will be with you through the hard times. Friends will love you, but family will suffer with you. Decide who is family, and who is friend.

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