Dont Waste Time For Bigger Arms

I hear guys complain about how they struggle with gaining muscle mass when they think they're doing everything right. Growth is facilitated on a very small scale though, so doing big things doesn't always lead to explosive gains. Growth Hormone is a hormone secreted by the pituitary gland that stimulates growth and regeneration of human cells. When we exercise, cells are broken down due to stress and homeostasis is disturbed. To fix this we have a release of growth hormones that help with recovery and adaptation.

The best way to facilitate growth hormone release is with superset workouts and decreased rest between sets. A research study showed that when people lift to failure and then use a 90 second rest set, Growth Hormone release increased by 15% [1].

Lets apply this to training a very popular muscle group, biceps. When training arms, many people understand that nutrition is key to keeping protein synthesis. More important with this muscle group though is the training technique. By doing supersets, performing an exercise and then immediately doing another lift, and then resting for 90 seconds growth is most likely facilitated.

example lift:
Barbell curl superset with tricep push down: 3x12 rest is 90 seconds

When God gives us something we are told to increase it. It is irresponsible to waste the resources God has given us. A day is 24 hours and a week is 7 days. It seems like we don't have enough time to accomplish everything. Matthew 25:13-30 is the story of the master who left talents to his workers. The worker that buried his talent and didn't grow his masters kingdom was punished. Work hard and increase the Lords territory every day. Take advantage of what God has

  1. Rahman, R., Qaderi, M., Faraji, H., Boroujerdi, S. Effects of Very Short Rest Periods on Hormonal Responses to Resistance Exercise in Men. Journal of Strength and Conditioning Research. 2010. 24(7), 1851-1859.

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